The Callisto Protocol: How long is the game time?

The Callisto Protocol-Spielzeit-Guide

In The Callisto Protocol you fight your way back to the surface of the moon of Jupiter as an inmate of an underground high-security wing. During your journey through the dark catacombs you will encounter horribly disfigured enemies and dangerous mutants. How long the game time of the horror adventure is explained in this article.

The Callisto Protocol: So long is game time

How long is The Callisto Protocol? The Dead Space-style survival horror adventure packs a decent punch. Comparable to epic open world adventures like Elden ring or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla but the playing time is not. You can expect the following playing times at The Callisto Protocol:

  • Story: about 10 hours
  • Story and Exploration: about 11 hours
  • 100% completion: 14 hours and more

Actual playing time will of course vary depending on play style. If you have a lot of experience with action-adventures and are good at dealing with stressful situations in horror games, you can get through “The Callisto Protocol” in under ten hours. Since the levels are very straightforward, you rarely run the risk of getting lost.

If you still want to explore every corner and look for all the collectibles on your own, you will definitely make the most of the 14 hours. Another factor is the selected difficulty levelwhich is particularly important for platinum game ends and the 100 percent completion.

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The Callisto Protocol: Extra Hard for Platinum players

If you want to complete The Callisto Protocol with the platinum trophy and unlock all the achievements, you can’t avoid the hardest difficulty level. The Protocol seeks Life gold trophy requires you to complete the game on Maximum Security Ward mode.

In this level of difficulty you have to reckon with significantly stronger resistance and more monsters. Then there is the search for a total of 43 finds, which you need for the Grim Reaper trophy. Even after the first run, there is no chapter selection in “The Callisto Protocol”.

You should therefore find as many collectibles as possible right away if you want to take the trophy with you in the first playthrough. Otherwise, you’ll have to start the game over to collect missed finds. You can find more information about the achievements in our Trophy Guide to The Callisto Protocol.

New Game+ is slated to come out in February

However, there is hope: The developer studio Striking Distance has already announced a “Hardcore Mode” and a New Game Plus mode. Both game modes should be in one free update be submitted later on February 7, 2023.

It is possible that you will then be able to access individual chapters, similar to “The Last of Us Part 1” or “A Plague Tale: Requiem”. What exactly the new modes will look like is not known. However, further playthroughs should increase the tension.

More content planned for The Callisto Protocol: Story DLC

If you can’t get enough of the dark sci-fi horror in “The Callisto Protocol”, you can have one too Story DLC be happy. The developers announced this for summer 2023 as part of the paid Season Pass.

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In addition to the story expansion, additional content is planned for Season Pass buyers:

  • Outer Way Skin Collection: In February 2023, a new gear set for Jacob will appear.
  • Contagion Bundle: The new game mode is announced for March 2023 and will challenge you with reduced ammunition, an adjusted level of difficulty and permadeth. There are also thirteen new death animations and a new gear set for Jacob.
  • Riot Bundle: In the spring, you will be sent to a new area where you will have to slice your way through waves of enemies. Another twelve death animations for enemies and new suits for Jacob are also included.

The Callisto Protocol has been available since December 2, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and the PC appeared. All important information about the game can be found on our topic page.