This is how One Piece could have influenced the 2022 World Cup

One Piece Film Red is now a top 10 anime in Japan

one piece apparently played a surprising role at the soccer World Cup in Qatar: The coach of the Japanese national team is said to have motivated the players before the games with “One Piece” films. They are said to have helped inspire the team and drive them to peak performance.

One Piece: Luffy as Hype Man at the World Cup

That’s what it’s about: In the Soccer World Cup in Qatar Among other things, of course, it is also about winning. To do this, trainers use a wide variety of options to to motivate players. Of course, that works with motivating speeches or rousing music, but also with “One Piece”.

Japan defeats Germany over One Piece? As now reported by NHK World News, the Japanese national coach Hajime Moriyasu should give his protégés the latest information before the game against Germany One Piece movie RED have shown. In fact in preparation for the round and to motivate them.

Apparently with success: The plan has obviously worked. The Japanese team has after all won against the ones from Germany. Which could possibly be due to the fact that “One Piece” was watched beforehand.

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Never change a winning team: Freely based on the well-known motto and inspired by the success of the motivational anime, the whole thing was repeated directly. Before the game against Spain the Japanese national football team should then work together One Piece: Stampede have looked. Again with success!

Players get inspired: One of the players named Ritsu Doan even made a statement. Boa Hancock be his Favorite character from One Piece. The footballer loves the scene where Boa fights Bullet and that moment inspired his game that day.

Unfortunately, the Japanese team then defeated by Croatia. It is not known whether “One Piece” was watched before this game. But we assume that not – otherwise the footballers would most likely have won this game as well.

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