Twitch Bans Its Biggest Political Streamer Who Thinks He Knows Why: “Absolutely pathetic”

Streamer gets banned from Twitch for saying a racist word against white people - but now gets an award for it

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker (31) is one of the larger streamers on Twitch. He is primarily active as a political commentator and places himself on the left spectrum. Now he’s been banned for copyright infringement, but he thinks he knows the real reason.

This ban is about: HasanAbi’s stream suddenly ended on December 6th. Since then, the political streamer’s channel can no longer be accessed. You only get the message that the content of the channel has been removed at the request of the copyright owner (via Twitter).

Shortly thereafter, HasanAbi confirmed the ban on Twitter and shared a notification he received from Twitch. The message revealed that the streamer was banned for copyright infringement and the offending content was removed. The ban will last for 48 hours.

However, HasanAbi suspects a very different reason behind the ban and believes he was targeted because of his political opinions.

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Streamer believes ban was politically motivated

Which stream was the trigger? When HasanAbi was caught by the ban hammer, he was streaming an interview with controversial rapper Kanye West aka “Ye”. This had recently attracted attention through statements in which he had spoken positively about Adolf Hitler.

The interview was conducted by Gavin McInnes, founder of the far-right organization Proud Boys. McInnes says he’s on a mission to save Ye from becoming an anti-Semite (via TheDailyBeast).

The interview was shown on McInnes’ video platform Censored.TV and is behind a paywall.

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What reason does HasanAbi suspect? As the streamer announced on Twitter, his channel was the only one banned for broadcasting the interview. But that’s not all: Ray Aguilar, the technical director of Censored.TV is said to have personally initiated the blocking.

HasanAbi believes that those responsible for the interview have targeted him because of his criticism of right-wing ideas.

Freedom of speech, but not for everyone?

How does HasanAbi rate the ban? The streamer makes fun of the ban and those responsible on Twitter. HasanAbi apparently sees a certain irony in the fact that a network like Censored.TV, formerly called FreeSpeech.TV, is taking action against him.

After all, these people are outwardly the “defenders of freedom of expression”, but would now restrict his freedom of expression because he had criticized them (via Twitter). HasanAbi calls this approach “absolutely pathetic”:

These Nazis love to talk about freedom of speech, only to use the most abused copyright mechanism to shut down anyone who criticizes their ridiculous ideas. Absolutely pathetic.

HasanAbi via Twitter

It is not yet known whether HasanAbi will take action against the ban. In the past, larger streamers in particular were sometimes able to end a ban early. However, the HasanAbi channel is currently still blocked (status: December 7th, 2022, 11:30 a.m.).

HasanAbi has just received an award in the “News” category of the “StreamyAwards”. However, he had already received a much more unusual award in November. This emerged from a ban he received in 2021 for using the word “cracker”.

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Twitch bans HasanAbi for saying a racist word against whites – but now gets a prize for it