Willow episode 3 review: Val Kilmer’s Madmartigan casts an eerie shadow over the story Dexerto

Willow episode 3 review: Val Kilmer's Madmartigan casts an eerie shadow over the story Dexerto

Published: 2022-12-07T08:00:00

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Willow has featured movie characters like Sorsha, Elora Danan, and Willow himself, but there has been no sign of Madmartigan. In Episode 3, we learn more about the fate of Val Kilmer’s OG character.

Madmartigan was both the hero of 1988’s Willow and the title character, with Val Kilmer playing a swashbuckling scoundrel much in the vein of Harrison Ford’s Han Solo.

But despite the fact that the character fathered Arik and Kit with Sorsha, he is not seen anywhere in the new series so far, having run away when the twins were children.

Slowly but surely, we’re discovering the reasons for her disappearance, and in Episode 3, we’re getting closer to learning her fate.

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Spoilers for Willow Episode 3 below…

Explanation of the absence of Madmartigan, something like that

Played by Amar Chadha-Patel, Boorman is the closest thing the TV series has to Madmartigan, his character headstrong and selfish, but also quite heroic when he thinks no one is watching. So he’s not surprised to learn that he and Madmartigan were apparently something of a team.

One of his treasure-hunting expeditions involved a magical breastplate that grants awesome power to the wearer, but only if worthy. And as this story progresses, it seems that Madmartigan might have disappeared while he was searching for said treasure.

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The problem is that the show really feels like it’s dragging on revealing his fate, especially in this episode where Boorman hints and alludes to what happened to Madmartigan instead of outright saying it, making for a bit of a viewing experience. frustrating.

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The happy cameo turns tragic

Episode 3 finds Elora Danan escaping the clutches of Commander Ballentine, the hero turned villain by her poisoned blood. She arrives in a nearby forest, where Elora comes face to face with a pair of lumberjacks, one of whom is played by Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham.

They are initially wary of Danan, before quickly changing their tune when they see his mark and discover his true identity. The duo then dealt with hearing Elora’s story and swearing allegiance to her.

But this story doesn’t have a happy ending, as Ballentine tracks them down and murders them for daring to get in his way. It’s a shocking scene, but one that Willow needs to underscore the wilted witch’s power, even from afar.

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Willow steps forward

What about Willow himself? Well, Warwick Davis seems to have an increasingly difficult task on the show, as his character is getting very Basil Exposition, giving long speeches and tongue twisters to explain the story, give context, or try to explain what’s going on. going.

Which is tricky enough for an actor, but he also seems to have a useful “vision” for whenever the gang hits a dead end, which is useful, but also often too convenient.

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However, Willow has a true hero moment at the end of the episode, when during ‘The Battle of the Sacrificial Lamb’, she grabs her magical staff and absolutely DESTROYS every villain in her vicinity. When asked, why didn’t she do it before?

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The Verdict: Is Willow Episode 3 Any Good?

Episode 3 is good at giving a glimpse of the threat our heroes face, through that tragic Hannah Waddingham moment, and also through Ballentine’s short arc.

Played by Ralph Ineson, the Commander was introduced as a hero in Episode 1, then did despicable things thanks to his possession in Episode 2. After committing even more heinous acts in Episode 3, he finally received redemption by dying while holding pray Jade. to “free” me before finally being put to the sword. It’s emotional stuff as well as being very efficient storytelling.

Willow Episode 3 Score: 3/5

Ballentine’s fate, as well as that of the tragic woman of the woods and one of Willow’s best friends, made Episode 3 a sad installment that did a good job of raising the stakes for the show.

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