WoW in the technology test: Dragonflight is hardware-hungry, grills 2-year-old GPU

<strong>WoW Dragonflight:</strong>  The new expansion brings many new hunter pets

from Karsten Scholz
PC Games Hardware colleagues took a close look at the new WoW expansion Dragonflight on several PC systems to find out just how hardware-hungry Blizzard’s 20-year-old MMORPG is. The result might surprise some.

World of Warcraft may be almost 20 years old, but the online role-playing game from Blizzard doesn’t show its age. The reason for this is obvious: the Blizzard developers use every expansion to make minor or sometimes major improvements to the technical framework of the game. For example, WoW has been supporting DirectX 12 for several years. Modern features such as ray tracing shadows can also be activated. In addition, there are the constant improvements in the level of detail of models and game world or the foresight.

How hardware hungry is Dragonflight?

So if you think that Blizzard’s oldie MMO should run on every toaster, you’re wrong. How hardware hungry World of Warcraft (buy now ) with the new Dragonflight extension, the colleagues from PC Games Hardware tested this over several days on different systems. The comprehensive result of the tests, with benchmarks and comparison images, can be found in the large Technical test for WoW: Dragonflight. Alternatively, you can also watch the very exciting video summary of the test:

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Does World of Warcraft Dragonflight run on every toaster? Dave and Raff in the benchmark craze

The crisp conclusion of the colleagues reads as follows: “With each expansion, World of Warcraft gets prettier and bigger – Dragonflight continues this tradition. If you want to enjoy maximum graphics quality, you need more than the proverbial toaster for a long time. Over the years, WoW has developed a real hunger for hardware. This comes with a handsome value, especially the view range has increased in an impressive way. Which processors and graphics cards generate smooth frame rates is up to you – our benchmarks will help you to find the optimal PC or the right upgrade for WoW Dragonflight.