WoW restricts “Pay2Win”, makes mythic loot soulbound

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The first “World First” race in World of Warcraft Dragonflight will probably not be decided by purchased items – because the loot will be changed.

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, many players are still in the level phase, but the pros are slowly preparing mentally for the “World First” race, which will start as early as next week.

But a method that has always given the professionals a small advantage will probably fail this time. Blizzard turns a lot of “Bind on Equip” items into “Bind on Pickup” items.

What did Blizzard announce? In raids it is common that in addition to the normal loot from the bosses, one or the other epic item can also drop from trash groups. These items are usually bound when created. This means that if no one in the group needs them, they can also be sold for gold on the auction house.

However, that will not be the case in the first raid, Vault of Incarnations. The loot from the Mythic variant of the raid will be fully bind-on-pickup, at least for a while, and thus cannot be traded to players outside of the raid group or on the auction house. Blizzard wrote about this in the official WoW forum:

One of our goals with rewards has always been to ensure that the primary loot in the game comes from gameplay, not gold spending. Items from raids that bind on equip [BoE] have long been an exception to this, but they also grant raiders something unique: when a raid group no longer needs certain BoEs to progress, they can be sold to cover repair and consumable costs.

In Dragonflight Season 1, the Mythic difficulty opens at the same time as all the others, a full week before players even open their weekly Vault. The Mythic BoE items grant a stronger power increase for gold than we would like to see.

Note that this restriction only applies to Mythic difficulty. On all other difficulties, these items remain “Bind on Equip” so they can be sold and bought.

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Why is Blizzard doing this? Even if Blizzard doesn’t say so explicitly, another reason should be the “World First” race. Here it is common for professional guilds to buy the best items from the auction house for many millions of gold in order to secure the last ounce of strength and perhaps have the decisive advantage.

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There are entire guilds that have specialized in defeating the trash from mythical raids over and over again in order to then sell the items gained from it to the professional guilds. That probably won’t be the case this time.

Why is this Pay2Win? Being able to buy particularly powerful items for gold in World of Warcraft is seen by some people as “Pay2Win”. That’s because you can buy the necessary gold – either from illegal sources or quite legally for the sale of the WoW token. Therefore, some argue that every purchasable item with great power has a certain “Pay2Win” share.

However, the fact of the matter is that strong items that are “bind-on-equip” have always been a part of World of Warcraft and the game’s economy, well before the WoW brand. So whether this is Pay2Win is controversial in the community.

Does it stay like this now? No, only for a few weeks. Blizzard has not yet announced an exact duration, but it can be assumed that this will be based on the progress of the professionals in the new raid.

Later, Blizzard wants to change that again and return the “Bound on Equip” items from the mythical raid to their original, tradable state. However, this only affects items that then drop “new”. Items that have already been obtained remain bound when picked up, so storing these items ahead of time is not worthwhile.

What do you think of this decision? A good move to make the progression a little fairer? Or does this decision have no effect at all?

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