WoW: The to-do list for Dragonflight’s second ID

<strong>WoW Dragonflight:</strong>  The new expansion brings many new hunter pets

from Sebastian Glanzer
At the beginning of a new expansion, you can be quite overwhelmed with all the content in the endgame. WoW: Dragonflight goes into the second ID and we’ll use a to-do list to show you which tasks you should definitely do this week.

The endgame of WoW: Dragonflight has a lot to offer, although Mythic Plus and the first raid have not even started yet. Small and large events as well as rare opponents and grind zones give minmaxers who want to optimally prepare for M+ and the raid many opportunities to increase the item level of their characters.

Anyone who has already reached level 70 in the first ID of Dragonflight has already gotten a foretaste of the most important tasks of the week. With the start of the second ID, the game begins again. We will show you which tasks you should devote yourself to in this ID in order to collect better equipment as quickly as possible and advance other projects such as professions.

To-do list for WoW: Dragonflight ID #2