YouTuber Bellular on WoW: “This could be the end of the end”

YouTuber Bellular on WoW: "This could be the end of the end"

Are World of Warcraft’s “bad days” over? YouTuber and analyst Bellular says yes. But there are things Blizzard absolutely can’t do…

World of Warcraft players have been romping around on the Dragon Islands for a week now and praise and positive reactions have been pouring in from all sides. The analyst Bellular, who frequently puts World of Warcraft and the number of players through its paces, is full of praise. For him, Dragonflight could be the beginning of the turning point with which World of Warcraft can grow again.

In his latest video entitled “This is the most important moment in the history of modern World of Warcraft” he analyzes the launch of Dragonflight and the so-called “honeymoon phase” – the first days with the new expansion.

“There’s no such thing as bullshit, I just can’t find it”

Bellular once again lists all of Dragonflight’s systems and, like many others, seems to have been pleasantly surprised by the first days of the expansions. Above all, he likes the much simpler main storyline with a more convincing villain – but also the numerous side quests that take care of world building and simply ensure that the game world feels alive and belongs together.

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He also likes the fact that there is almost no necessary character power due to “compulsive” grind. He compares the launch of Dragonflight with that of Legion back then:

A big point to wrap it all up: there is no such thing as bullshit. There’s no looming drama, is there?

By this time in Legion, we already had ongoing discussions about artifact power, twink friendliness, and obtaining legendaries. – Just obtaining Legendaries. People really forget a lot of the negative things about Legion.

At that time in Battle for Azeroth, we were talking about Azerite and all that bullshit.
At that time in Shadowlands we were talking about covenants and all that bullshit.


This time there isn’t. There is no such thing as a cataclysmically stubborn decision [von Blizzard]which ‘poisons the well’ and makes you start with a bad feeling.

The near future will decide

However, Bellular is also skeptical in some respects. Although Blizzard holds all the cards in hand, there is a risk of falling back into old patterns or forgetting the current freedom and forcing players back into fixed tracks who are too tied to character power. A second factor is whether Blizzard can really deliver enough content in a relatively short time. Although 100 new employees have been hired to make Dragonflight a success, Blizzard has often wanted to “bring more content faster” in the past – and has failed every single time so far.

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So according to Bellular, World of Warcraft is in pretty good shape right now and has the potential to mean many happy years for Blizzard’s MMORPG – although there are still stumbling blocks that developers can stumble upon.

How do you like Dragonflight so far? Are you similarly optimistic? Or do you see no improvement at all?