YouTuber HandOfBlood launches fundraiser to save a demolished animal shelter

YouTuber HandOfBlood launches fundraiser to save a demolished animal shelter

The popular YouTuber HandOfBlood has made a request for donations to its community to help a demolished animal shelter in Berlin.

Who is HandOfBlood?

You can see everything about Hänno’s e-sports team in the video:

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Why is Hänno collecting donations? HandOfBlood asked for donations for a Berlin animal shelter on Instagram and Twitter. According to Hänno, the animal shelter in question is said to have been broken into. The burglars are said to have raged in the premises and demolished the facility.

Hänno shares pictures on Twitter that show the damage done to the animal shelter. Features include holes in doors, including the glass front door, and an overturned shelf, with a large hole in the back wall.

Below we embed the tweet from HandOfBlood, in which the pictures of the devastated animal shelter can also be seen.

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Animal shelter thanks for donations

How much money has already been raised through the appeal for donations? When Hänno addressed his followers on Twitter on Tuesday, December 6th, 2022, he had already collected €8,000 for the animal shelter through a previous post on Instagram.

Another €4,000 has been added since the Twitter post. In total, the HandOfBlood community has already donated over €12,400 on the donation platform (as of December 07, 2022, 11:00 a.m.).

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In the post on Twitter, HandOfBlood also writes that the shelter has already thanked them. Hänno himself also sends a “thank you” to his community.

At the same time, Hänno emphasizes that many supporters have donated small amounts of 5 to 10 euros, which in total “makes a huge difference” because, according to him, “every euro helps”.

Not only HandOfBlood and its community are charitably active in December 2022. Gronkh, PietSmiet and some other Twitch streamers also collected donations with Friendly Fire 8 again.

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