7 vs. Wild: Nova gets hate speech and sexism

7 vs. Wild Wer ist Starletnova

In the second season of 7 vs Wild for the first time, two female candidates are also taking part. Especially Participant StarletNova gets a lot of hate now. As a woman, she is denied being made for a survival format like this and accused of “just crying around”.

7vs Wild Panama: Hate Comments & Sexism

That’s what it’s about: In “7 vs. Wild” seven people in the more or less wild wilderness exposed. There they have to manage on their own, take care of themselves, survive and complete some challenges.

Season 2 with women: While there were only men in the first season “7 vs. Wild” in Sweden, there are with Sabrina and Nova in the second season finally also female participants. However, they get it now Hate comments and sexism away.

While related to sabrina For example, it has already been criticized that a Bikini picture as thumbnail had to serve, fans are now complaining about nova. The participant would allegedly “just cry”.

This goes so far that some comments on the net even claim that Women were generally not made for such survival activities – sheer sexism.

Actually, all fans of the first hour should know that it come to a nervous breakdown, completely independent of gender can: Anyone who saw the first season or the role model “Alone” could do that for almost all participants experience. Few survived without shedding a tear or two. Loneliness affects everyone.

Nova herself has already stated that she finds it a pity which of her recordings are selected and shown – and which are not. For example, there is enough material from her when building or exploringbut that became obvious neglected in favor of emotional scenes.

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But maybe someday we’ll get some kind of “7 vs. Wild” Season 2 uncut version: Fritz Meinecke has already stated that he is thinking about simply all material of all participants completely unedited to publish.

The 7 vs. Wild organizer and competitor Incidentally, Fritz Meinecke himself has also attracted attention because of his sexism. Currently there is probably still Trouble with the state media authoritiesbecause advertising was not marked correctly.