7 vs. Wild Season 2: Uncut release possible

7 vs. Wild keine dritte Staffel

7 vs Wild is currently enjoying great popularity. But even after the end of Season 2, it could continue, even before one supposedly unplanned third season. Fritz Meinecke may simply want to publish the complete, uncut video material of the participants.

7 vs. Wild season 2 uncut: “We want to try it”

“For the hardcore people”: Fritz Meinecke has put it on record that after the last episode of “7 vs. Wild Panama” it may not have to be the end. Maybe that should complete video material of all candidates published will.

That’s true not 100 percent sure yet, but the plan is to try it. At least that’s what he said as part of the question and answer session after episode 7 of the second season “7 vs. Wild”.

A lot of material: What we see in each episode of 7 vs. Wild is natural only a selection of the highlights, material cut together. The participants usually film a lot more.

To the whole unreleased material not unused it could of course also be published, retrospectively. How exciting the unedited explanations and recordings of the participants really are is another matter.

One thing is certain: it should be a lot. Every single person could get an episode a day. A kind of supercut with all the days gone in a row would also be conceivable – real mammoth videos. Overall could easily over 30 hours per candidate unedited material come together.

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This is 7 vs Wild: Seven people are more or less abandoned in the wild. There they have to get by alone, survive, complete special challenges and hold out as long as possible.

They film themselves and the whole thing is currently in the second season. During the first edition the participants were still in Sweden, this time they are on the island of San Jose in Panama.

This year are even more well-known personalities such as Knossi on board. The format is organized by YouTuber Fritz Meinecke. It is not entirely uncontroversial and has been recently criticized for sexist statements.

Currently there is probably still Trouble with the state media authorities because of 7 vs. Wild.

What would you think of an uncut version? Would you like to watch so many hours of uncut material?


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