Bayonetta cosplay wraps you around your finger and hair

This Tifa cosplay reminds us of Part 2 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake (1)

Although it is already known that Bayonetta 4 is being worked on. But until the action game comes onto the market, definitely still pull many years in the country. Luckily has the cosplay community delivered something that you the long wait at least to some extent. This is the artist’s most recent work “arty”.

Bayonetta will turn your heads

She’s a big fan of the Bayonetta franchise and therefore of course also from the witch of the same name. Therefore, it was a matter of course for her to work on a suitable costume. To many working hours the time had come and she was able to present the result to the public. The work is definitely something to be proud of: Next to that skin tight suit know above all the wig with the extra long hair as well as the small accessories like the chains and the leather straps. Even to them distinctive handgun the cosplayer thought, which rounds off the already great overall impression.

“Arty” is by the way not a beginner in the field of cosplays, she has already made a name for herself in the last few months.

She shows up very open and willing to experiment, is therefore not only fixed on a specific template. Among other things, she has appeared in the costumes of Misa Amane from Death Note and Mettaton from Undertale to be photographed.

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