Cosplayer of Ciri from Witcher 3 is a credit to Papa Geralt

A chic cosplay brings the witch Bayonetta to life.

Both the role-playing game The Witcher 4 and the remake of The Witcher 1 will be a long time coming. In order to at least partially pass this time, the latest work of the Russian disguise artist comes “Kris” precisely. She’s in a costume as Ciri curved and thus ensures quite a stir.

Ciri shows Geralt where the hammer is

The cosplayer is known to be very lots of work and love to put into making their costumes. This can also be seen very well in her disguise as Ciri. she has herself not for the classic outfit of the character with the white top and the brown leather suit. Instead, in many hours some alternative clothing items tailored, but which are no less worth seeing. The main features of Ciri it worked out very well anyway. This ranges from the distinctive scar on her face, to the white hair, to the sword that she is currently pulling out of its sheath. The just at should not just die-hard Witcher fans liked.

Away from CD Projekt RED’s role-playing game, “Kris” has some fondness for well-known game brands and their characters. She is particularly proud of her extremely detailed costume as Aloy from Horizon: Forbidden West. But also her cosplay as Cassandra Dimitrescu from the survival horror game Resident Evil 8 can definitely be seen.

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