Diablo 4: Big Announcement Coming Soon!

Lilith from Diablo 4 looks menacingly at the camera.

The tension increases every hour. While the final preparations for the Game Awards 2022 are in full swing, preparations are being made Activision Blizzard apparently preparing for a completely different ritual. At least that’s what the official Twitter account of the makers of the action RPG suggests. Although the actual release date of Diablo 4 will only be revealed at the awards ceremony, it will this Thursday make another announcement. Meanwhile, the first previews of Diablo 4 draw the picture of an upcoming masterpiece.

Diablo 4: Big announcement before the Game Awards

“Lilith is coming!” – with a corresponding hashtag teasers the official twitter account the Diablo makers have been announcing the return of the great antagonist in Diablo 4 for days. The obscure threat against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has since been followed by other confusing tweets, including direct to the social media platform Twitter, NBA superstar LeBron James and the airline of Delta Airlines.

Also Mariah Carey seems to be the focus of the daughter of the great evil Mephisto. “All She wants for Christmas… is blood” clarifies the official Diablo Twitter account in the direction of the singer. In the meantime, the exact time has also been determined when this PR campaign will probably be brought to their dissolution. The day before the Game Awards it should be ready.

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Diablo 4: Then Lilith is summoned

Back in 2019, fans got to see the game’s new presumed villain in the first cinematic trailer for Diablo 4. As the major antagonist, Lilith, Diablo’s niece, will strike fear into the hearts of the players. It applies together with the Archangel Inarius as the creator of the game world Sanctuary Diablo 3 and as the primal mother of all people.