Dragon Quest Treasures Review

Dragon Quest Treasures Review

I thought my story with Dragon Quest 11, It was over, in fact, it was one of the few games that I have obtained platinum, which is how I end a cycle. However, there are still adventures that we must live and that will be with Dragon Quest Treasures, the spin-off of that already classic JRPG.

On this occasion, and as I had already commented in my impressions, the adventure takes place many years before and with different protagonists. The turn-based combat system is left behind in favor of a more active one and the search and collection of treasures. However, I cannot fail to mention that it is a game full of nuances and some of which fans will not like very much.

Draconian Islands

Porcus and Pursula, rather, Cosmo and Wanda

Dragon Quest Treasures follows the story of Erik and his sister Mia, the ones we know from DQ11, where Erik became part of our team, while Mia was a supporting character. Both brothers are inside a Viking ship dreaming of finding a great treasure and thus be recognized as famous treasure hunters. Since there can be no adventure without the hand of fate, two flying creatures are trapped inside the ship, which our brothers free. Porcus and Pursula (They are Cosmo and Wanda from the Fairly OddParents but infiltrated).

These creatures will take us to the Draconia Islands, a group of floating islands that keep countless treasures and secrets, and it will be here where the brothers will be able to test their worth as treasure hunters. However, it will not be a walk in the park, since the island is also full of dangers, other gangs looking for the same thing.

Being a spin-off, this game will have a different story development than the main game. This means finding new and colorful characters, and the whole plot will revolve around the search for treasures. Being that, it has a more hand-in-hand treatment with a Saturday morning cartoon story. Although this is not really a bad thing, but it takes quite a long time to boot up.

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In search of treasures

Dragon Quest Treasures Review

Treasures, as the name suggests, is more focused on exploring the island with the aim of finding treasures. We can play both Mia and Erik, whose movement set is the same where he just changes the skin. The central island will be our base of operations and it is here that we will access the rest of the islands in search of hidden treasures. Here we will be given the main missions and some secondary ones, in addition to recruit allied monsters and take all the treasures we have found.

We must explore each island with the objective of finding treasures, which have a percentage of possibility of finding treasures that increases as we level up. Like a good game with RPG touches, each area will have its ideal level to explore, so we won’t be able to wander through any area if we don’t have the necessary level.

Dragon Quest Treasures Review

We will have a base of operations on the central island that will serve us to store the treasures that we will be getting, recruit allies, and get missions. The objective is to go exploring the islands while we are detecting and indicating where there may be hidden treasures. Our allies have certain abilities that will help us to reach places that we cannot on our own.

Each area is quite large, so we will constantly be detecting treasures and looking for them. It has different types of biomes, depending on the island we are on. Each island is dominated by one of the rival treasure-hunting gangs, although this does not mean that we should directly confront all its members, since some of them will give us missions to complete.

forming a band

Dragon Quest Treasures Review

Another of the cornerstones of the title is the formation of our band of monsters, which we can recruit by facing them in combat. Allied monsters, in addition to helping us in battle (and boy are the first levels very useful), also serve to make it easier for us to find treasures with different abilities. The monsters’ abilities are jumping higher, hovering, sniffing objects, sliding, etc.

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When handling both Erik and Mia (has to be one at a time) they will be accompanied by three other allied monsters that are AI controlled. To recruit them we need to throw a friendly stone at them with a stone thrower in the middle of combat and once the monster is finished it will join our ranks.

Each monster has its own set of movements for its class. Some base their attacks more on magic, others on physical attacks, and others on support moves for allies. In addition, they have their special abilities called Strong Points and they are the ones that help us in the exploration, each one also has its strengths and weaknesses. The important thing is to take several types of monsters that help us as best as possible in one of our tours.

combat with allies

Dragon Quest Treasures Review

As I mentioned before, combat is in real time, leaving turn-based fighting behind. However, despite having limited sections of the map per level, the game turns out to be very easy, perhaps to make the game more accessible for children. But also, our allies are quite competent, so much so that many times they will finish the battle for us.

We have an attack with the daggers with which we can perform a combo that will fill a meter to perform special moves. These moves are empowered attacks from our allies and an adrenaline rush from Mia or Erik. Also, there is the use of the slingshot for ranged, support and elemental attacks.

Dragon Quest Treasures Review

However, the combat suffers from a very glaring lack of depth. Basically, we will be attacking with our dagger, dodging and giving orders to the allies to attack or retreat. We can perform the special movements of each monster, but little else. In the long run it will be repetitive, since the island is full of enemies.

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Another negative point is the camera. To begin with, we cannot aim at the enemies and in the middle of combat we will lose sight of them and they will take advantage of this to attack. Also when starting a combo, the hitboxes They are not fully defined and many times we will be hitting the air. And as if that were not enough, the combo attacks do not vary.

Other Cel-Shading

Dragon Quest Treasures Review

Although the game has a style cel-shading Very colorful and colorful, the Nintendo Switch is already beginning to show its age. By having huge settings, the draw distance is less and many of the textures will be seen without loading especially on the stones of the cliffs. It can have a few frame drops below 30fps, but it generally handles graphical stress well most of the time.

At the sound level it maintains the classic themes of the Dragon Quest series, even the main theme. Also, the sound effects are those known in the series. The game is dubbed into Japanese and English, the latter with a British accent as it always has been.


Dragon Quest Treasures It is a great adventure title that can provide many hours of gameplay, albeit with some minor flaws. It has a charming story with a great cast of characters never seen before in the series. A system of searching for treasures and recruiting allies that will help us in our objective, as well as a somewhat simple battle system. Graphically, its graphic style stands out although the seams are visible. It will keep us entertained for a long time if we dedicate ourselves to discovering all its secrets.

Note: This review was made on Nintendo Switch and the code was provided thanks to Square Enix.