DualSense makeover: The PS5 controller looks really chic with differently colored buttons

A Reddit user shows us what the DualSense looks like with color accents.

A Reddit user shows us what the DualSense looks like with color accents.

With the official controllers for Xbox Series X/S, we can let our imagination run wild in the Design Lab, at least within certain limits. We can put together a wide variety of color combinations by customizing individual components. Sony does not offer us this option. However, a Reddit user has now lent a hand himself and shows in a post self-converted PS5 controllers with buttons whose colors differ from the housing.

This is what the PS5 controllers look like

In the official versions of the DualSense, the color of the buttons always corresponds to the basic color of the controller, while only the directional arrows or symbols are highlighted differently. In the Reddit post by user Cool_Stories_Bro, on the other hand, we see a white model with black keys, a Cosmic Red model with white keys, and the opposite of each.

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In the comments, however, two users say that there is no promising combination. Kaydevteam writes:

I like the white one with the black buttons, but have you tried putting red ones in the black controller? I think that would look cool.

tadhdgarden also wants this combination. Of course there would be many more possibilities with the newer models, for example in Nova Pink. The color swap definitely provides cool new accents, even if it is of course a matter of taste whether you like the monochrome standard design better or you want more variety. However, we do not recommend replicating the swap if you are not a professional in the field.

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Now it’s your turn: Which combination do you like best? Or do you prefer to stick with the standard designs?