Elden Ring Update 1.08 brings more than the coliseums: These 5 hairstyles are new

With this new hairstyle you can throw yourself into the Coliseum.

With this new hairstyle you can throw yourself into the Coliseum.

Elden ring has received a major content update with patch 1.08, which was rolled out yesterday. That brought the arena expansion, which many fans had already expected thanks to data mining. But there is also something for all Fashion Souls supporters. You can now give your character more different hairstyles. We’ll show you which ones have been added.

These are the new hairstyles

All those who like to spend a lot of time in the character editor, but have not yet found the right hairstyle, can now rejoice. Update 1.08 not only lets you fight in the Coliseum, but also lets you look even more stylish. You now have five new hair types to choose from.

Now makeover: Of course, not only can you choose these right at the beginning, but you can also find them in the mirror at the table of mercy, where you can give your tainted one a makeover at any time.

And this is what the new hairstyles look like:

Hairstyles 28 to 32 are new.

Hairstyles 28 to 32 are new.

So you see, there is a “Viking style” braid hairstyle, a new messy hairstyle and various braids.

It’s also in the update

The update brings changes in these three points. the full patch notes can be found here:

  • New content: More hair options, coliseum battles (new multiplayer modes)
  • Balancing Adjustments: There are both PVP-exclusive adjustments to match the new multiplayer content and general ones.
  • bug fixes
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The biggest change is of course the Coliseums, which you can finally enter to compete with other Tainted Ones. There are three of them in total Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndelleach of which comes with different rules.

change hairstyle

Here you can adjust your style afterwards.

enter the Colosseum

Once you’ve been inside the Colosseum, you can access it via this statue.

These are the modes: In Limgrave, for example, you have the team test and the individual test to choose from. In both modes you fight against other players with a time limit and are revived on death, but this brings points to the other side. In Leyndell you compete in Duel mode, where the first death seals the end, and in Caelid you have all three modes to choose from.

You can easily enter any Colosseum through the entrancebut after that you can also enter it via the Marika statue by the Mercy Table, in the room with the fireplace.

Will you give your character a little makeover?