Find all flowers in God of War Ragnarök: Nine Worlds in Bloom walkthrough

God of War Funkendorn in Svartalfheim

who in God of War Ragnarok has finished the story, he can spend many more hours in the different worlds. For example, different favors are waiting to be fulfilled. Above all trophy hunter should keep their eyes and ears open, because some tasks promise awards.

For example, there is the bronze trophy The Floristif its the favor Nine worlds in bloom fulfilled and accordingly collects special flowers in all nine worlds. Some of these growths are quite obviously distributed, but others are also quite well hidden. So that you don’t despair, we explain to you in this guide, where and how to collect all 9 flowers.

The Florist: locations of all 9 flowers

Sparkthorn in Svartalfheim

Do you have it in God of War Ragnarök? Draupnir Spear found, you can use it to get to new places that were previously inaccessible to Kratos. It is the same with the flower spark spike in Svartalfheim at the dwarves. Run in from the marketplace Nidavellir down the road and throw the spear at the large log by the bridge. Now you can swing across the river and explore the area beyond. Finally, here you will also find the flower that you cannot miss.

Morning blossom in Alfheim

the morning bloom located in alfheim in the area Forbidden Sands. To the northwest, the flower is hiding to the left of the wall that Kratos can climb over.

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God of War Morning Blossom in Alfheim

Ash leaf in Muspelheim

As soon as you crucible unlocked, you can use the world Muspelheim to travel. Near the mystical gate you enter through is located Blacksmith Lunda. Right next to her workshop in front of the big rock you can collect the cinder leaf.

God of War Aschenblatt in Muspelheim

Soul Blossom in Helheim

At the soul bloom in Helheim you can easily walk past. In addition, you need in advance the Draupnir Spearto get this growth. From the mystical gate that you used to get to Helheim, go into the arena where you face off against the huge garment fought. From here, throw the spear at the wall so you can swing across the chasm. On the stone platform on the other side you will already find the soul bloom.

Starred in Vanaheim

Travel for the flower starry red in the Lowering of the crater region from Vanaheim. Note that you must have flooded the crater or valley beforehand to get this collectible. You fulfill this project as part of the favor “The Return to the River”. You have to get past that Altar of Heaven and then walk a short distance towards the river to the previously locked gate. Shortly before you will find the next flower.

Iron bell in Jötunheim

the iron bell cannot be overlooked, but this can only be reached after completing the storyline, as soon as Kratos has the Yggdrasil seeds decreed by Ratatöskr and even after Jotunheim can travel. Since Kratos’ freedom of movement in this world is very limited, you can find the flower in the only dead end near the mystical gate.

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Mireweed in Midgard

Once you have completed the story and Ratatöskr die Yggdrasil seeds have received, you can in the very south of Midgard unlock another gate. This will take you to Freya’s house grove of refuge. Run past the house on your right and you will find this at the end of the path mikeweed.

Dreamshade in Niflheim (1)

For the flower named dream shadow you have to Niflheim travel after completing the story. Just before the tree with Odin’s ravens, turn left. You get to the Ruins of an Asen prison. You now have to fight your way down to the lowest level and finally open a gate. Behind it is the dream shadow.

God of War flowers in Niflheim

Frostfingers in Niflheim (2)

This flower is very easy to find once you have completed the story and obtained the Yggdrasil Seeds from Ratatöskr. Travel to the Misty Fields in Niflheim and you will find him Frost Fingers right next to the mystical gate you entered the world through.

Congratulations, you got the favor Nine worlds in bloom successfully completed and thus the bronze trophy The Florist receive.

God of War Nine Worlds in Bloom
Now you finally have a whole bunch of flowers together! © YOU