Find Secret Skunk Shotgun in The Callisto Protocol – Solution

Find The Callisto Protocol-Skunk Shotgun-Door Lock

Without proper weapons you are in the monstrous mutants The Callisto Protocol helplessly delivered. The survival-horror-adventure throws powerful opponents at you who would like to dismantle the protagonist Jacob into his individual parts. In this article we will show you the location of one secret shotgunso that you can ensure order in the maximum security prison.

Why is the Skunk shotgun so important?

If you find the Secret Skunk Shotgun, you’ll have one early in the game powerful firearm in the arsenal. You only get a similarly powerful weapon again in Chapter 5. In the standard version, it only holds two rounds of ammunition. But they have decent penetration.

A solid hit with the Skunk Shotgun knocks even larger enemies back a few yards. This gives you valuable space, especially in fights against several mutants. They are also in narrow corridors powerful shotgun loads a welcome force to clear the way.

If several mutants threaten to overrun you, miss a few of them shot in the legs. After that, they continue to crawl towards Jacob and can also harm him. A hit with the stun gun quickly puts her out of action.

Hidden Shotgun in The Callisto Protocol – Here’s where to find it

In the course of third chapter it goes down deep for Jacob and you reach the Level “basement D3 warehouse”. There you come to a hall where a few mutants roam. With a little patience and a soft sole you could overpower them with the knife from behind.

Behind this box you will find the door lock. © Striking Distance Studios

The way out of the basement is through the locked door on the left, the “SHU access D303”. You can only open them with a door lock. First keep right and sneak to the gate with the inscription “Workshop D302”. The fuse is right in front of it on the ground.

  • Important: In order to find the Skunk Shotgun, you must not use the fuse on SHU access D303. Pack them up and go back the way you came.

Collect the Skunk Shotgun Blueprint

At the locked gate (see screenshot above), next to which another guard crouches under the lettering “D3 basement – warehouse”.you put the fuse in the switch box. Go through the opened gate and climb into the air shaft on the left.

Find The Callisto Protocol-Skunk Shotgun-Path to Blueprint
Use the fuse here and the path to the Skunk shotgun blueprint will be clear. © Striking Distance Studios

You will find yourself in the room behind the locked barred door where you picked up the door lock. Of the Schematic for the Skunk Shotgun is on the workbench on the left. Collect it and you can make the weapon at the next Reforge 3D printer.

Don’t forget the energy converter to pack opposite. You can sell it at the Reforge and use the profits directly to upgrade the Skunk shotgun.

Skunk Shotgun: What Upgrades Should I Buy?

When you reach the next Reforge, load the blueprint into the 3D printer and craft the shotgun. However, it is not cheap. At least 800 Callisto Credits you should have on the high edge. More if you want to invest in upgrades right away.

The first thing you should do is upgrade the Skunk Shotgun’s capacity. One Expansion of the magazine for a total of four shots costs you 400 Callisto credits. That basically gets you through the rest of the game. Because the damage that the Skunk shotgun distributes is extremely high even in the basic configuration.

At its maximum upgrade level, the Skunk Shotgun can use the swarm rounds homing projectiles firing. A welcome help in the tough fights in the last third of the game. Until then you have to save a lot of Callisto credits.

You can unlock the following upgrades one after the other in the shotgun skill tree:

  • Step 1: High Capacity Magazine Upgrade – 400 Callisto Credits
  • Level 2: Stability Upgrade – 1,200 Callisto Credits
  • Level 2 (optional): Magnum Shell Damage Upgrade – 1,200 Callisto Credits
  • Level 3: Swarm Missiles – 3,600 Callisto Credits

“The Callisto Protocol” is available since December 2, 2022 and for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and the PC appeared. All important information about the game can be found on our topic page.

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