For Ryzen 7000: Aqua Computer brings “Sealing Frame” to protect the CPU

The Aqua Computer Sealing Frame is designed to prevent thermal paste or liquid metal from getting onto the CPU from the heat spreader.

from Valentin Sattler
With the “Sealing Frame”, the water cooling company Aqua Computer has presented another product that is intended to seal the heat spreaders of Ryzen 7000 CPUs. This is to prevent heat transfer fluid from getting onto the processor.

With the Ryzen 7000 processors, AMD not only introduced numerous changes to the CPU, but also the new AM5 socket and thus a modified heatspreader shape. While the processor was previously protected by an almost rectangular heat spreader, the current generation has numerous cutouts on the sides. This change raises concerns among some users that the heat conducting agent applied to the heat spreader could get into these cutouts and wet the capacitors housed there.

Another waterproofing

Appropriate solutions to counteract this concern quickly came onto the market. For example, Noctua announced a corresponding sealing cover at the beginning of October, and Thermal Grizzly already has one “Ryzen 7000 CPU Guard”. Now Aqua Computer also wants to join them, and so the company has announced its own “Sealing Frame” for the AM5 processors in a press release. The company initially wants to offer this in its own shop for EUR 6.90, and soon it will also be available from other retailers.

The Aqua Computer Sealing Frame is designed to prevent thermal paste or liquid metal from getting onto the CPU from the heat spreader.

Source: Aqua Computer

The functionality of the Aqua Computer Sealing Frame is similar to that of the competition. But while Noctua uses plastic and Thermal Grizzly uses foam, the sealing frame is said to be made of silicone. During assembly, the seal should simply be placed over the corresponding Ryzen 7000 processor. According to Aqua Computer, this is to prevent thermal paste or liquid metal from getting into the cutouts. The company also advertises that the seal should be able to be cleaned of any dirt.

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If the silicone from Aqua Computer fits perfectly, the connection with the CPU could possibly be a little tighter than with the competing products from Noctua and Thermal Grizzly – but that will first have to be shown in the corresponding comparative tests. In addition, it is questionable to what extent such a seal is necessary at all. After all, most players rely on non-conductive thermal paste, where contact with the capacitors should not be critical. With liquid metal, however, the situation is different: Contact could lead to a short circuit here, so that a corresponding seal is not absolutely necessary, but can at least make sense to a limited extent.

Source: Aqua Computer (press release)