Fritz Meinecke gets in trouble with state media authorities because of 7 vs. Wild

Fritz Meinecke gets in trouble with state media authorities because of 7 vs. Wild

The series format “7 vs. Wild” is a complete success YouTube. Just the first episode of the second season 7 vs Wild: Panama bring it on over 8.7 million clicks (as of December 8, 2022).

The format is now one of the largest social media productions across Europe. But all the attention is now attracting interested parties who can’t enjoy the whole thing as much as they would like.

The viewers get a new episode twice a week donated and at the beginning of each episode the organizer provides Fritz Meineke the respective advertising partners from which the episode is presented. But now there is a problem with advertising.

7 vs. Wild: Incorrect ad labeling

What exactly happened? According to Meinecke, some of the viewers have the state media authorities informed, which he now has to deal with.

What is the reason for the problem? In his current Instagram story he explains that he has received a letter from the state media authorities. been criticized inadequate advertising labeling in the YouTube format “7 vs. Wild: Panama”.

And in fact, the advertising labeling in the episodes does not seem to be quite enough, because the authorities have now written to Fritz Meinecke pointing out that he have to improve here. According to Meinecke, however, these are only “little things”. He explains:

“Apparently, there were viewers who now want to set certain institutions on me. […] Those are little things, that somehow the video description shouldn’t say “partner” next to the partner’s link, but “advertising partner” has to be in the video description, so that none of you are deceived.”

Since the details seem to be easy to optimize, Fritz Meinecke is rather relaxed. At least he doesn’t make any complaints and is trying to work with the authorities to solve the problem. He assures that “everything would be improved”.

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Apart from that he is right mysteriousbecause at the same time there are supposed to be “lots of other problems” that seem to be related to “7 vs. Wild”:

If you knew how much dirt has been happening in the background for weeks. It’s just gross. And not in one or two things, but on so many levels.

He’s visibly annoyed. But what could that possibly mean? What do you all mean? In any case, he doesn’t go into detail because he “doesn’t want to open the barrel in the first place,” as he explains.

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