Game Awards 2022 live ticker: All leaks, announcements and trailers

Game Awards 2022 live ticker: All leaks, announcements and trailers

The Game Awards 2022 will take place on the night of December 8th to 9th. In addition to the awards, there will be some new announcements and trailers. We at MeinMMO accompany the event in the live ticker, both throughout the day with leaks and in the official live stream at night.

What is this event? The Game Awards is an annual awards ceremony that recognizes the best games of the past year. There are also new trailers and game reveals every year that you shouldn’t miss.

The event kicks off on December 9th at 1:30 am. If you can’t follow the live stream, you can find all the information and trailers here. We will also report on possible leaks throughout the day.

What exciting news are we expecting? There are guaranteed to be three exciting pieces of news for fans of MMORPGs, including an announcement of an all-new game.

Aside from that, a presentation for FFXVI, the announcement of Tekken 8, new information about Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and something new about Baldur’s Gate 3 have already been announced. There are also rumors that a new game by Hideo Kojima and a DLC for Elden Ring will be announced .

Elden Ring was also nominated in the Game of the Year category. More about the nominated games, voting and schedule can be found here:

The Game Awards 2022: Everything about the date, time and the nominated games

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