GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars update brings new content

GTA Online bekommt mit Los Santos Drug Wars ein weiteres Update.

GTA Online gets a whole lot of new content. The fresh update is called Los Santos Drug Wars and immediately introduces a completely new company – with everything that goes with it. If you really want to start a new drug business, you’ve come to the right place.

GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars update announced

That’s what it’s about: GTA Online continues to receive new updates and additional content after many, many years. Los Santos Drug Wars is about a real one drug empirethat her with the help of an old friend can build and expand.

Nervous Ron is back: Anyone who knows the single-player story of “GTA 5” should have taken the nervous Ron to heart. He’s back in Los Santos Drug Wars with a group of new friends in tow. The underdogs bring in unsurprisingly soft spot for drugs with and are highly motivated to get as much of it as possible among the people.

Because of course not everyone likes it, you get it with the competitor to do. It consists of a “strange coalition of wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers”. So nothing that hardened GTA Online veterans can’t handle.

When does it start? Soon: On December 13th The free Los Santos Drug Wars update for GTA Online is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

This is still included: You fight against the competition and you can cook drugs. This either takes place in a really well-equipped laboratory, but you also have the option of going to a mobile chemical kitchen to dodge.

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On top of that, not only await you new companybut also new vehicles, missions and other improvements.

There’s more to come: What appears on December 13 should only the first part be. This first chapter is followed by a second. Overall, we should expect a “extensive, two-part story update” for “GTA Online”.

Are you looking forward to it? What other content do you wish for in the future of GTA Online? Tell us in the comments.