GTA Online: Winter Update 2022 “Drug Wars” is coming next week – that’s in it

GTA Online: Winter Update 2022 "Drug Wars" is coming next week - that's in it

The new winter update for GTA Online, “Los Santos Drug Wars” will be available in just a few days. The release for PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X|S and PC is on December 13th. We’ll show you the content.

What is this update? The announcement is about the big winter update 2022 for GTA Online. It’s called the Los Santos Drug Wars. There is one update per year, usually in summer and winter, which is free for every player. From the announcement we already know that the update is divided into several parts. One will be released now in December and the second part will follow later.

When is the update coming? The release is on December 13th. That’s next Tuesday. Below we show you what’s in the update.

Los Santos Drug Wars – cars, missions and more content

What’s in it? The story of the online expansion takes you to Blaine County, where you meet the nervous Ron again. He and a few friends want to shake up the drug business. Your opponents couldn’t be more different: Rich hippies and trigger-happy bikers. Not a good combination among themselves and certainly not great as opponents.

You cook your own substances in your mobile chemistry laboratory.

Content also includes:

  • New vehicles
  • A new company
  • missions
  • Game experience improvements (Quality of Life)

How do you like the outlook for the new update Los Santos Drug Wars? Have you already been able to draw a highlight from the announcement? Write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other players.

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