Guardians are bored with the same content in Destiny 2 – Bungie reacts, promising improvement for 2023

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The well-known season model in Destiny 2 is worn out. Although seasonal burnout has always been part of the loot shooter, it got particularly bad in Season 18. Due to boring loot loops and little that was new, there was even a drastic decrease in the number of players. Bungie boss Joe Blackburn has now commented on the current situation.

What are the Guardians in Destiny 2 struggling with right now? Normally gaming at Destiny 2 should be fun and pass the time in flight. But in the past few months, it hasn’t felt that way at all for many keepers in the loot shooter.

Your gaming rounds in Bungie’s flagship became more and more of an obligation due to the hardly changing season model, which hardly anyone followed with excitement.

  • Since 12 Seasons there is a seasonal artifact that needs to be leveled.
  • Completing the similar seasonal PvE activities will make you bored.
  • In addition, there were fewer and fewer secrets that could have broken this monotony.
  • Even more loot and Coop cosmetics don’t help, because in the meantime the drop of a weapon with deep vision resonance or recycled armor can no longer make some guardians happy.
In Season 19, the “Western” dungeon starting on December 9th is a content highlight.

So a season that’s supposed to be three months of entertainment felt like a three-month Groundhog Day from which you can’t escape. After the first 24 hours, some players were just waiting for the dungeon that started on Friday.

As a result, players’ demands for innovation and change are becoming louder and understandable. On Twitter, Destiny Bulletin revealed and ArgonianNPChow deep this “rabbit hole” of the seasonal treadmill has gotten:

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Always the same model, with a different picture.

What is Bungie saying about the situation? Bungie had not officially commented on this for a long time – initially letting the problem trickle away. However, that has since changed.

Bungie’s Game Director Joe Blackburn issued a personal statement on December 7th via Twitter regarding the situation and the general content burnout among players. There he shared that Bungie has “heard feedback loud and clear on its current seasonal pillars.”

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The full statement from the Bungie boss via Twitter.

When can you expect changes? Probably not immediately. Many players had already hoped for great content innovations and variations for Season 19. However, they were largely absent and there is a reason for that.

Even if Bungie takes the feedback from you from the last seasons into account, it will still take some time, and here we are talking about several months, until concrete changes are also reflected in the game.

As Joe Backburn announced, Bungie is currently working on Season 21 of the upcoming Lightfall DLC and is halfway done with it. The current Season 19 and Season 20 have long been completed. That’s why you won’t be able to redesign Season 20 afterwards.

Many a Guardian has canceled their pre-order for the Lightfall DLC.

However, Joe Blackburn mentions that the new Guardian Ranks and Neomuna Target Tracks should still shake things up in Destiny 2 with the launch of the new DLC on February 28th, 2023.

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In the meantime, they want to “put the focus on seasonal pursuits to reduce complexity and improve synergy between seasonal pursuits and the rest of the game.”

As the final bugs are fixed for Season 20 and Lightfall, we are solidifying our plans for 2023 and working to make improvements in this area for each Season next year.
There will still be innovation, thematic diversity, and new ways to advance your character in Destiny over the next few months, but as we work to incorporate this feedback into our future releases, I want to [hiermit] make sure your words haven’t fallen on deaf ears.

explains Joe Blackburn, Bungie’s Game Director, via Twitter

This is what the community says about the Bungie statement

The guardians are currently more than skeptical.

In the past few months, partly due to the delayed feedback, partly due to the general hatred of the community and wrong decisions, for example for PvP, Bungie has increasingly lost the trust of its guardians.

While it’s encouraging for players that Bungie is finally taking their feedback into account, many are no longer sure Bungie is going to make the right decisions based on it. They have been disappointed too many times in the past.

The general displeasure in the community can be clearly felt: The keeper robbie Joe Blackburn replies wryly on Twitter: “Is this feedback that has been going on for over a year [von Bungie] is repeated?

And another player named Fritz wishes Destiny 2, which the community loves so much, to be made better. But he adds just as critically:

For now, Bungie is overall giving us the impression that they don’t care about this game because they know we’ll keep buying DLC ​​and Seasons. If Bungie spoke to us more often (and more honestly), the community wouldn’t be so angry about the current state of the game. The people [lassen sich den Kauf des neuen Lightfall-DLCs] refund because they don’t think Bungie can turn things around.

writes the user Fritz as feedback on Bungie’s notice

And another keeper torchwood simply says, “I’m sorry, Joe. But it’s too little, too late. You have received the feedback for a long time. There is no excuse for only now starting to implement the feedback. You made many promises and they have all been broken.”

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What do you as the German community say about the latest feedback from Bungie and the allegations from the community? Do you understand that innovations cannot happen all at once? Or do you say no, it’s been a long time enough, it should have happened by now – I’m out with Season 19?

Feel free to tell us in the comments how you are doing if you are currently playing Destiny 2? Are you also thinking of a hamster wheel or does it all still fit?

Even streamers, such as Aztecross, now believe that Bungie will pray its flagship Destiny 2 to the grave if they continue like this: