Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrates achievements and stats – News

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December 8, 2022 – 6:32 am — Last updated 13 minutes ago

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That’s only in November 40th Anniversary Update for the Microsoft Flight Simulator appeared and gave the user community numerous new flying machines and other content. The regular free and paid updates and extensions led to the increasing popularity of the flight simulator, which is also reflected in the latest statistics published by Microsoft.

Only recently, the number of players worldwide exceeded ten million users. Experience has shown that not all of them are active, but there are still a considerable number. Furthermore, 500 million flights have been made with the game, which corresponds to about 10 million orbits of the earth or 400 astronomical units.

For those who decide spontaneously, trying out the Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently even easier, since it can be played in the current 40th Anniversary Edition in the PC Game Pass and in the Xbox Game Pass.

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