New Whatsapp feature: Meta introduces customizable avatars

New Whatsapp feature: Meta introduces customizable avatars

from Oliver Jaeger
The Facebook group Meta recently introduced the option to create avatars for its messenger service Whatsapp. Users can now create their own avatar and use it as their profile picture or as a sticker. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram have already implemented avatars.

In the recent past, the Whatsapp messenger service has made a name for itself with new functionalities that are intended to make the use of the service more extensive. At the beginning of November, new communities were created to make group organization easier. At the end of November, the function to be able to send messages to yourself followed. Now Meta, the company behind Facebook, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg are coming up with the next innovation: Whatsapp users can now create personalized avatars that can be used as a profile picture, among other things.

Whatsapp avatars: what’s behind them

On the official Whatsapp blog website, the developers explain what the new avatars are all about. The avatar represents a digital version of the self that can be created from countless combinations of different hairstyles, facial features and outfits. This avatar can then either be used as a profile picture or be part of 36 personalized stickers that are intended to reflect many emotions and actions.

The function of creating avatars is not yet fully developed, because the developers add that there will be further improvements. These include style enhancements such as lighting, shading, and hairstyle textures, among others. The avatars were previously evaluated in a month-long beta test, which was first announced in June WABetaInfo has been informed. To ensure that users do not have any problems using avatars on Whatsapp, the messenger service also provides one Instructions on how to set it up to disposal.

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However, avatars are not new territory for Meta/Facebook. As early as 2019, the group presented Bitmoji avatars for Facebook and Messenger, which were then gradually introduced to the global market. At the beginning of the current year, avatars were also introduced in the social network Instagram, which also belongs to the meta-ecosystem.

Source: Meta via Techcrunch