New World has new servers to fix issues from release – Now has the same issues as when it was released

New World has new servers to fix issues from release - Now has the same issues as when it was released

Technical problems have been a part of it since the release of New World. For a few weeks now, however, there have been Fresh Start servers that should iron out the mistakes of the past. Unfortunately, there are now but the same errors as before.

What’s going on in New World? All functions are currently switched off again in the MMORPG New World in order to trade with other players. The reason for this is an exploit that made it possible to create objects, and thus gold, out of thin air.

It’s not the first time this has happened in New World, but this time it’s very annoying. Because while these problems are all relatively far in the past, this time it also affects the new Fresh Start servers.

These servers were set up to enable a real fresh start. The fans cannot switch from existing servers to the fresh ones. Thus, illegally created gold from the past had no way of coming to the new worlds.

How does Amazon trade? To counteract the exploit, the developers shut down all trading. According to their own statements, the error was noticed very early on and hardly any people would have found and used it at all. The damage was therefore only to a very small extent.

In the meantime, Amazon is working on a fix for the problem to bring trading back online as soon as possible. When that will happen, however, is not foreseeable. The function has currently been switched off for 16 hours (via new world, as of 8.12. 12:45 p.m.)

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Just recently the biggest update for New World was released:

New World: This is what awaits you in the biggest update yet

Players make fun of the problem

How are the fans reacting? First and foremost with a lot of humor and few worries. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time they’ve faced a situation like this. Many scoff with a wink that the Fresh Start servers would not have been needed at all.

Many make fun of demanding new Fresh Start servers, but probably nobody really means it.

More serious concerns come from players who currently have pending offers placed in the Trading Post, as Amazon has yet to comment on exactly what will happen to them.

Despite this, the mood of the players is not too bad.

This is what the community says: We would therefore like to let some of the people have their say and give you the quotes from the players. They all come from a reddit threadin which the topic is discussed.

  • Common-Scientist says, “Well, at least they weren’t lying when they said the roadmap doesn’t say everything that’s to come.”
  • Anoir_Finland writes: “In 2023, Fresh Fresh Serrver will come with the promise that they will run without an exploit for a month. So maybe.”
  • dienipponteikoko is more serious: “Fresh-Start was always one exploit away from going under. If you look at the history of the game, that was absolutely clear. It’s still kind of funny that it happened so quickly.”
  • WhoFedRosy wonders: “What are the test servers for that you don’t notice this beforehand?”

What do you think of the current situation? Does that only trigger a tired grin in you too, or are you more upset about it? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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