No VR headset: 10-year-old shoots mother


Because his mother didn’t want to buy him a VR headset, one should 10-year-old boy shot his mother to have. He initially claimed it was an accident, but later admitted he had deliberately acted in this way.

In the US city of Milwaukee sits child in custody. According to the indictment, it is said to have shot his mother on purpose because she had forbidden him to Buy a VR headset.

Initially, the underage perpetrator stated that the fatal shot had taken place accidentally solved, when he playfully let the gun roll around his finger. He later explained that he was just “on the wall” wanted to shoot his to scare mother.

Murder because of a VR headset

According to NBC, the child was annoyed that his mother had him no virtual reality headset has bought. He was also angry because she had him that morning woken up earlier have than usual. One day after the terrible act, the 10-year-old bought the VR glasses he wanted through the His mother’s Amazon account.

Family complains of behavioral disorder

Apparently unrepentant, he apologized “without empathy or compassion” at his grieving grandmother for the murder and then asked “whether his Amazon package has arrived” be. As the boy’s sister told the police, her brother is already suffering outbursts of anger all my life.

The boy himself told officers he had “five different imaginary people speaking to him”. An aunt of the boy also reports that the child is unable to do any to show feelings.

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As NBC reports, the perpetrator is threatened with a conviction up to 60 years in prison. State law requires children from the age of ten to certain serious crimesas adults can be charged.

According to Sky News, one expressed the boy’s lawyer about the “Family Tragedy”. She means that “Adult system [sei] absolutely ill equipped to meet the needs of a 10 year old.” Accordingly, the case can also brought before a juvenile court will.