OK. presents the first QLED TV & Google TV: Many features for little money

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Concentration on the essentials instead of fancy gadgets and technically unusual features – that’s the credo of Saturn’s own brand ok. In view of the variety of equipment of the two televisions ok. OTV 65AQU-5022V and ok. OTV 40GF-5022S, however, seems like a massive understatement. The two devices impressively demonstrate that a low price does not have to mean making sacrifices.

This article was created in cooperation with ok.

The advantages of modern TVs combined

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OK. TVs impress with great functions.

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  • Android TV & Google TV: The two ok. TVs offer you a comprehensive smart TV experience thanks to Android TV. You can access thousands of apps. Many practical applications that you know from your smartphone can also be found in the Google Play Store for your television. The smaller 40GF-5022S also offers Google TV. The user interface gives you a convenient overview of the offers of all major streaming services and recommends shows based on your preferences. Thanks to integrated voice control and Google Assistant, the ok. televisions listen to your every word, whether you want to switch the TV on or off, change the channel, change the volume or access an app in the Google Play Store. You can also let the Assistant inform you about the weather and the news situation. Or just ask the AI ​​what the answer to everything is!
  • More vivid images with HDR: HDR (High Dynamic Range) allows lifelike images with the OTV 65AQU-5022V thanks to the high dynamic range. This is not only ensured by the strong contrast between the deepest black values ​​and radiantly bright picture elements. The significantly larger color space also produces much more natural gradients, brighter colors and more beautiful skin tones. This turns your TV into a window into fascinating, lifelike worlds!
  • Chromecast built-in: Send videos or pictures quickly and easily from your Android smartphone to the TV. The Chromecast receiver already integrated in the TVs makes this child’s play.
  • Integrated Bluetooth: If you want to watch TV undisturbed by the outside world or not disturb the neighbors with the bombastic action film, you will love the Bluetooth function of the two ok. devices. Just connect your headphones wirelessly. Of course, you can also pair a Bluetooth soundbar with the televisions for an impressive soundscape.

OK. OTV 65AQU-5022V: QLED display, Dolby Vision and 4K at a low price

65 inch QLED TV OK.  OTV 65AQU-5022V stands on a TV stand.
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The OTV 65AQU-5022V is a 4K QLED TV at a competitive price.

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A 65-inch TV with a high-resolution 4K display and QLED technology: That sounds expensive. If ok. isn’t it! the ok OTV 65AQU-5022V scores with a very competitive price of less than 600 euros.

OK. OTV 65AQU-5022V
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QLED devices have significant advantages over traditional LCD TVs, such as higher peak brightness, excellent contrast and large color volume when displaying HDR content. This is made possible by an additional layer of “Quantum Dots”, microfine dots that filter the light coming from the panel again. LED backlights inherently have a fairly high proportion of blue, which is better compensated for by the QLED layer.

The OTV 65AQU-5022V masters the HDR standard Dolby Vision, in which dynamic metadata in each film scene ensure optimal adjustment of the HDR effect. With traditional HDR10, on the other hand, metadata is set globally for the entire movie. Of course, the television is also compatible with the universal HDR10 and the HLG standard, which was developed primarily for HDR television broadcasts.

TV back with connections for USB, HDMI, antenna.
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the ok OTV 65AQU-5022V comes with all the important connections and tuners.

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The ok.-TV receives conventional television signals via the integrated triple tuner, which gives you access to the full range of channels in the DVB-C(2), DBV-T2 and DVB-S(2) signal ranges. You can therefore receive programs via cable as well as via antenna and satellite. The ok. OTV 65AQU-5022V either wirelessly via WLAN or via LAN cable. Google TV, Bluetooth and Chromecast complete the equipment package.

The OTV 65AQU-5022V comes with a clear remote control with a pleasingly clear pressure point of the buttons. It has buttons for quick access to Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and the Google Play store. The microphone for the Google Assistant, which can be activated with a push of a button, is also located in the remote control.

Remote control leaning on the base of a TV.
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The remote control offers a clear, rich pressure point.

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OK. OTV 40GF-5022S: 2K, Google TV and a very low price

40 inch TV stands on a TV stand.  It shows a bright blue image.
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If 40 inches is enough for you, that’s ok. OTV-40GF-5022S a tempting offer.

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If you prefer to buy a smaller TV with an excellent price-performance ratio, the OTV 40GF-5022S is just right for you. The device with a 40-inch diagonal is already available for less than 200 euros.

OK. OTV 40GF-5022S
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The 40GF-5022S offers a 2K instead of 4K resolution, but more is not necessary with this size. As our article on display size in TVs shows, a smaller display area means the pixels are arranged more densely, which significantly increases the impression of sharpness. A high display resolution only drives up the price and power consumption, not the picture quality, with a sensible seat distance to a smaller screen.

The 2K resolution is also perfect for Blu-rays and most streaming content, most of which is also in this HD resolution. Complex upscaling is not necessary, which saves costs and at the same time benefits the image quality and stability.

Despite the very low price, the ok. OTV 40GF-5022S all the important features of modern TVs on board. Bluetooth, Google TV including Google Assistant and Chromecast are integrated. As with the larger OTV 65AQU-5022V, the triple tuner is included, and the smaller model also connects to the Internet via WLAN or LAN.

TV remote control stands next to a TV.
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Even with the smaller TV, the remote control is very clear and of high quality.

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The OTV 40GF-5022S also comes with a clear remote control that offers quick access to important streaming services and an app that you can assign yourself. As with the QLED TV, you don’t have to worry about spongy buttons on the 2K model either, and this remote control also has the built-in assistant microphone.



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