Overwatch 2: Community complains – New map looks like “Overwatch map ordered on Wish”

Overwatch 2: Community complains – New map looks like "Overwatch map ordered on Wish"

Criticism of Overwatch 2 continues. The new content is not as good as the old one – especially the fresh map “Shambali Monastery” has many flaws.

The second season of Overwatch has started. This not only brought with it the new tank hero Ramattra, but also the new map “Shambali Monastery”, on which a payload has to be pushed around again. But the map is not well received by many players due to some minor and major problems. Because some features are missing and there are a few “blemishes”. The community therefore scoffs: “Shambali looks like an Overwatch map ordered on Wish”.

Where does the criticism come from? The community’s frustration is particularly evident in the Overwatch 2 subreddit. In a post that should only be about the loading screen of the new map, there are numerous critics who point out many problems with Shimbali. The article garnered more than 8,000 upvotes in under 24 hours, which is a pretty solid amount for the Overwatch subreddit.

What is criticized? As mentioned, the starting point of the post is actually Shimbali’s loading screen. In contrast to all other loading screens, the “spawn doors” have not been removed from the image here, so that the location no longer looks like an actual location, but directly like an “artificial” map. At first glance, this is only a small, aesthetic detail, but it seems “cheap” to many.

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But there are also much larger, more serious problems on the map. The user TripAtkinson reports that Blizzard apparently “forgot” to attach the red and blue orientation lines to start a game. Such markings indicate to the defending team in the preparation phase how to get to the defending position and from where the opponents will attack. Especially with a new map, the lack of such lines is annoying – because without map knowledge you walk around disoriented for a while and possibly miss the start of the game.

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But there is also criticism in terms of gameplay. Some objects don’t seem to have been given “hitboxes” so you can just shoot through or walk through smaller stone pedestals and bumps.

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Recently, many are disappointed by the details of the map. One can still understand that many assets of the map were simply copied from Nepal, but not other details. As a flying character (like Pharah or Echo), you can see “floating houses” everywhere, which apparently just stand in the middle of nowhere. The freight also comes “from the middle of a mountain”. Other details are the numerous bells on the map. Not only do they make no sound when fired (like all other bells in Overwatch do), but shots just go right through them.

Despite all these shortcomings, the card’s basic design is well received. It’s fun to play as both an attacker and a defender, and has many places for interesting tactics and moves. But numerous minor quality defects once again ensure that many players believe that a few more weeks of “polishing” would have been necessary here in order to be considered a full-fledged and qualitatively appropriate map for Overwatch 2.

The prevailing opinion, therefore, is that Overwatch 2 simply released Shambali Monastery “too soon” or should have made the map playable in a beta test.

Have you already played on the monastery map? Did you notice the small errors and problems at all? What is your opinion on the map?