Path of Exile: Detailed information on The Forbidden Sanctum

Path of Exile: Detailed information on The Forbidden Sanctum

On December 9th, the long-awaited expansion The Forbidden Sanctum for Path of Exile will be released on the PC before it gets down to business a few days later on the consoles.

On December 9th, 2022, The Forbitten Sanctum, the December expansion for Path of Exile, will be released on PC and on December 14th, 2021 for Xbox and PlayStation.

The developers invited us to an exclusive developer stream for the new content and gave us more details that we want to share with you now.

In The Forbitten Sanctum your willpower will be put to the test, because in this rouguelike mode you will fight your way from room to room, encounter mini-bosses and you will defeat the guardians of the sanctum to get valuable loot.

But before we tell you everything here directly, there is a trailer to see to get you in the right mood:

We will now tell you what awaits you in detail in The Forbidden Sanctum.

The three-month challenge league “The Forbidden Sanctum” is a roguelike in Path of Exile. Yes, you read that right, a rougelike in Path of Exile. Not only does it sound strong, it is!

You explore the Sanctum, which was abandoned long ago. Evil has nested here and it is now a question of defeating it.

Fight your way from room to room and get rewards or take a huge risk: you can, if you dare, leave your loot behind to get a bigger reward at the end of your run. However, if you lose your willpower before you reach your goal, you lose everything!

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You have to be aware of one thing: you have to be willing to die in order to advance. As in every rouguelike, it is “normal” not to clear all areas and defeat the guardians of the Sanctum on the first try!

On your way through the Sanctum you will be presented with a choice. Choosing a Pact. Pacts offer you a powerful advantage on your further way, but also come with a high price. For example, you can gain a random Greater Gift from a Cursed Pact, but in return you lose 50% of your maximum Willpower.

A true deal with the devil. So choose wisely, as the Covenant can greatly affect the outcome of your journey through the Sanctum.

In the Sanctum you will find so-called Aureus, a currency used by the Templars, during your journey. The Aureus can be found in treasure chests, but killed monsters also drop them.

Throughout your journey through the Sanctum, you’ll come across a vendor you can trade your aureus to, but again, use caution. Even if the offer at the dealer you are currently with is excellent, the next one can offer you the boon that you may need more urgently.

To give you even more options to defeat the hordes that will stand in your way, new skills and Vaal Gems will be introduced with the update.

Volcanic Rift grants you a fiery slash skill that creates a rift.

Frozen Legion is a spell that creates statues around you that use your weapon damage when attacking.

In the so-called Relic Altar you keep relics that you have found in the Sanctum. These give you power and remain in place for each subsequent visit. Space in the relic altar is limited, however, and sooner or later you will come to a point where you will have to decide which relic suits you best.

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Defeat the Sanctum Guardians on your journey and receive valuable rewards such as Relics, Mountains of Aurei, tons of experience points and new unique items, as The Forbidden Sanctum introduced more than 15 new items and the rarity and power of ten existing unique ones Endgame weapons increased.

Furthermore, the expansion will receive some changes to the game mechanics. Curses, curse mechanics, and gems have been adjusted for better game balance. You can find a complete overview of the changes in this news.

For more information, check out the Content Reveal Trailer here:

Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum will be released December 9th on PC and Mac and December 14th on Xbox and PlayStation.

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