PCG Podcast #12: Heroes, Racers, Mutations!

Comic God of War: Fallen God

This episode of the PC Games Podcast is brought to you by Pokémon: Crimson & Crimson, the brand new generation of Pokémon available for Nintendo Switch on November 18th – for the first time with a fully open and freely explorable game world.
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Things get spooky, heroic and fast as hell in Issue #12 of the PC Games Podcast as this episode covers The Callisto Protocol, Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Need for Speed: Unbound. First, Michi tells why the horror adventure on Jupiter’s moon Callisto impressed him so much. Then Matthias goes into detail where the Marvel game of the Civilization and Xcom makers is convincing and where there is cause for criticism. At the end of the episode, David and Chris have a bit of a disagreement about the new Need for Speed. While Chris gave up the arcade racer after less than an hour and a half, David doesn’t find the game all that wrong and explains why it’s the best NfS for him for a long time. And as if all that weren’t enough, we’ll continue to present you with a nice competition for the PCG podcast. Participation is worth it!