Pokémon GO: Field research in December 2022 at a glance – where are which shinys?

Pokémon GO Field Research December

In December 2022 there will be new field research at Pokémon GO. We show you the overview in a graphic with all Shinys that you can get.

What has changed? Pokémon GO regularly brings new field research that adapts to the current events.

Here we show you the field research that will be active throughout December and which encounters you will receive as a result.

Field research December 2022 Pokémon GO

The overview: In the graphic below you can see all active quests and their respective rewards. With luck, you can catch Pokémon that are marked with three stars in their Shiny form. But the chances of that happening are pretty slim. As a source of the overview we have the data from LeekDuck translated.

Keep in mind that research will adapt to events. For the Mysterious Blade event, if you in search of Galar-Porenta then solve the field research “Catch 15 Fighting-type Pokémon” or “Use 15 power-ups on Pokémon”. Both reward you with Galarian Porenta.

What is field research? You get the field researches in-game when you visit Pokéstops or Gyms. Click on it and select the photo disk. Swipe the screen to spin the disc and you’ll get a research if you have space.

By solving and completing a research, you earn a maximum of one research stamp per day. If you do this seven times, you get a research breakthrough. The rewards change regularly. Until March, the research breakthrough always brings you one of six possible Pokémon.

Events in December: There are still a few events coming up in the winter weeks, such as the big winter wonderland at Christmas time. But limelight and raid hours are also on the agenda. In our overview we show you all events in December 2022 at Pokémon GO.

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Team GO Rocket: The last time the enemies in Team GO Rocket saw major changes was in November. We regularly adapt our counter-guides for you and show you how to win against the scoundrels. We’ll tell you how to defeat Rocket Boss Giovanni in December 2022 at Pokémon GO.