Reveal income – This is how much money the streamer earns per month

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Of: Julia Schöneseiffen

The streamer Knossi is not only successful on Twitch, but also on YouTube. We say how much money Jens Knossalla earns with the video platform.

Hamburg – Jens “Knossi” Knossalla belongs with around 4.7 million followers on Twitch, YouTubeInstagram and tik tok one of the most successful streamers in Germany. As revealsthe Internet star was a guest on the OMR podcast on Sunday (August 7th) and chatted openly with podcast host Philipp Westermeyer about his income.

Twitter 2 million followers
YouTube 1.32 million subscribers
Instagram 1.4 million followers
tik tok 1 million followers

Knossi: Streamer reveals his YouTube income

Knossi is on many platforms: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch. But the 36-year-old is also active in the music and TV sectors. Also at shows by Joko and Klaas was a protagonist, like reported. Knossi also took part in the RTL tower jumping 2022. In addition, the streamer participates in the second season 7 vs. Wild.

As a result, the YouTuber does not only have one source of income: “It has been extremely distributed. I couldn’t tell you with what I’m currently earning the most money a month,” Knossi admits to Philipp Westermeyer in the podcast episode.

But for the past month, he estimates that YouTube must have been his biggest source of income. But how much does a Knossi earn on YouTube in a month? The streamer answers this question openly. Together with podcast moderator Westermeyer, they take a quick look: the estimated turnover for the last 28 days on YouTube is 57,000 euros.

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Knossi: YouTuber earns more in a month than others in a year

Most Germans can only dream of that. According to the Federal Statistical Office, a full-time employee in Germany earned an average of 4,100 euros gross in 2021. The average gross annual income is thus 49,200 euros. Knossi earns more on YouTube in a month than the average citizen does in a year. Of course, the 57,000 euros still have to be taxed.

In addition to YouTube, one of the major sources of income is the streaming platform Twitch. A leak at Amazon in October 2021 made 125 GB of data public. This also includes Knossi’s twitch income from September 2019 to October 2021. The streamer is said to have earned a total of 2.2 million euros during this time, according to our partner portal

Knossi is one of the most successful streamers in Germany. ©

OMR Podcast: Knossi guest for the second time

The OMR Podcast deals with topics from the digital and business world. Philipp Westermeyer is the host of the podcast. Knossi was a guest on the OMR podcast two years ago.

In addition to his internet appearances, Knossi can also be seen regularly on stage at the Megaplast in Malle. According to his own statements, he earns around 20,000 euros per appearance there. In May, however, there was a breakdown. Because Knossi had lost his suitcase and had to go on stage in Mallorca without a crown. (jsch)