SWTOR: Showdown on Ruhnuk will be released on December 13, 2022

SWTOR: Update 7.2 - Showdown on Ruhnuk Coming December 13th (2)

from Tanya Barth
The developers of Bioware announce the release of SWTOR Update 7.2 on December 13, 2022 on Twitter. A brand new planet called Ruhnuk and a new story chapter will be coming with the upcoming patch. So you can look forward to lots of news!

Troubled times are upon the Mandalorians. The bloody conflict between Shae Vizla and Heta Kol started in Echoes of Vengeance. Our heroes have been drawn into the Mandalorian civil war and have had to contend with renegade mercenaries time and time again over the past few years.

After a long hiatus, the story of Shae Vizla’s hunt for her old rival and the renegade Mandos finally moved on. Because a few weeks ago, the developers of SWTOR published an exciting short story on the official site, in which Shae Vizla plays the main role. the Mando Story “Plated Anger” is the prologue for the story of Update 7.2.

SWTOR: Update 7.2 – Showdown on Ruhnuk Coming December 13th (2)

Source: Twitter

Shae Vizla vs Heta Kol

SWTOR (buy now ) In Update 7.2, Shae’s hunt for her rival who started the war finally reaches its climax. We’ve been waiting for news about the upcoming patch for quite a while. The wait is now over! The developers of Bioware announce on twitterthat the patch am December 13, 2022 appears. In the following video you can take a first look at the new story chapter.

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