The next big Twitch streamer railed against television – Knossi on 7 vs. Wild: “How can you be so stupid?”

7 vs. Wild fans storm google reviews of hotel in Panama - "Met 7 scruffy people"

In the 10th episode of 7 vs. Wild on YouTube, the contestants experience the 4th night alone on an island off the coast of Panama. Twitch streamer Jens “Knossi” Knossalla speaks up in the middle of the night and explains how sad he finds the situation on television.

In the YouTube show 7 vs. Wild, 7 German-speaking influencers got dumped on an island off the coast of Panama. You should survive 7 days alone, cut off from civilization, with only a few items and camera equipment.

Probably the most prominent participant of the 2nd season of 7 vs. Wild is Jens “Knossi” Knossalla. In 2021 he was temporarily the biggest Twitch streamer in the world, his fishing camp format caused a real hype about him.

But Knossi was already very active in show business before Twitch: he was an actor in judges’ shows, hired himself out as a participant in game shows and even appeared briefly on the soap opera Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten.

Knossi always wanted to be in showbiz and at 7 vs. Wild he now explained that television was always the biggest stage for him. But the way things are currently going on television, he sees no future for the medium.

7 vs. Wild: Knossi – “I want to get rid of it”

It’s the 4th night of 7 vs Wild. So far, no participant has been able to sleep well, and neither has Knossi. Now he also has a toothache – a bridge is obviously causing trouble.

Overall, Knossi reported three times that night and shared his opinion on the current situation of television. He looks visibly touched. For him, television was always the thing and he thinks it’s a shame – it really bothers him – that the medium doesn’t manage to open up new target groups:

Can I tell you something else? About me and something that really bothers me. It just bothers me, I want to get rid of it.

I’ve been so fascinated by show business since I was a little boy. i love it all The glitz, the glamour, the studio light, the smell, the red light of a camera.

I’ve been fascinated since I was a little boy. It was always clear to me – show business. I never thought it wouldn’t work either. Very weird. I never thought for a moment: “This won’t work, I need an alternative”. Never had.

I’ve been thinking about it for so long that it makes me so, so sad that television isn’t able to reinvent itself. I can’t understand it, how can you be so stupid. That is impossible.

Do you know what I mean? First we have the talk show craze, the court show craze, then comes the scripted reality craze on TV. And now they don’t manage to tap into the new audience. All market shares go to the Internet.

TV was so big – you know what I mean? Television is the biggest stage. The biggest stage of all stages. We can’t keep up with that on the internet.

Of course, we do our own creative stuff. But television has the most money. That will change at some point if they continue like this. They’re creating a retro wave for the people who loved television back then and who continue to love television.

You urgently need to reinvent yourself now. I’m also thinking about what else can be done for you. You have to reinvent yourself.

It just bothered me, I just had to say it. It just bothers me so much. It just bothers me.

We include the corresponding episode of 7 vs. Wild here. The segment with Knossi starts at minute 58:00:

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Just recently, a colleague of Knossi was similarly negative about working on television. Together with Knossi, Trymacs and UnsympathischTV, MontanaBlack took part in the ProSieben Wok World Cup. Things didn’t go well for the squad, Trymacs even got injured.

Monte also made a clear announcement and explained what bothers him so much about television.

The media landscape has been changing for years. Younger target groups watch less and less television – streaming is the new trend.

A study by the Commission to determine the concentration in the media sector determined for 2021 that over 50-year-olds sit in front of the television for more than 5.5 hours a day. The important and advertising-relevant target group of 14 to 49 year olds, on the other hand, only gets 121 minutes a day (via

It is doubtful whether Knossi will achieve anything with his appeal to television. However, the success of such large formats as 7 vs. Wild is not – episode 10 has over 2.5 million views 16 hours after the release.