Thousands celebrate a clip that proves to them why CoD Warzone 2 is better than its predecessor

Thousands celebrate a clip that proves to them why CoD Warzone 2 is better than its predecessor

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been out for a few weeks and players continue to debate whether the new battle royale is better than its predecessor. A clip of the old Warzone is now getting a lot of popularity on Reddit and is intended to show why Warzone 2 is better.

Call of Duty has evolved into a service franchise in recent years. They rely on a season system, regularly bring new, free content and have established a strong Free2Play brand with Call of Duty: Warzone.

The first Warzone was supplied with new content for almost 2.5 years. It even benefited from the content of the premium CoDs that landed on the market every year.

But a line was drawn. The old Warzone was too broken, you just didn’t plan with such a long support. Warzone: Caldera is still running, but more in a maintenance mode.

Warzone 2 is supposed to make everything better – but can it do it? It has been discussed since the release and the focus is particularly on the movement. A clip on Reddit now proves to many players that Warzone 2 has the edge.

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CoD Warzone 2: Slower movement makes the difference

What is this clip? The video shows almost 30 seconds of gameplay from Warzone 1. You can see a very chaotic gameplay scene and the player shown kills many opponents with his excited movement:

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The thread creator calls the topic “The reason why Warzone 2 is better than Warzone 1”. In less than 24 hours, the topic garnered 4,200 upvotes with a positive vote rate of 83%. In over 1,500 comments, players discuss whether the clip is suitable as evidence.

What are the players saying about this? In the first part of the discussion, the players talk about when such movement actions started in Warzone 1. Some see CoD Vanguard integration as the starting point (2021), others already see Black Ops Cold War as the culprit (2020).

However, many commentators agree that Warzone is not a battle royale in which there should be such a movement.

The statement by the user “kwaaaaaaaaa” is exciting. He says: “I think that the idea of ​​’movement is king’ in a battle royale this big suppresses other important tactical aspects – rotation planning and the big map. It makes everyone just play for kills.”

In his opinion, tactics and procedures should be more important than movement – ​​otherwise a CoD Battle Royale would be nothing more than a large multiplayer map.

On the other hand, user “__Dave_” argues that Warzone 1 has combined the tactics and movement components well. If you have strengths in close combat, like the player in the clip above, then plan your rotation accordingly.

On the other hand, players with weaker movements can also plan higher combat distances.

What do you think about this subject? What weaknesses did the first Warzone have, what strengths would you have liked to see in Warzone 2? Leave us a comment on the topic.

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