Uncharted 5: Instead of a sequel, there is a reboot – rumor

Job Posting Confirmed: New Uncharted Coming to PlayStation 5!  (1)

Rumors about another game in the Uncharted series have been circulating for a few weeks. So far, however, there have been no further details in this regard. Is it about that of many fans long-awaited Uncharted 5? According to a recent report from TheLeak.co, the new game beats an entirely different direction a. Apparently Sony is planning that a reboot of the franchise.

Fresh start for Uncharted?

As per the report from TheLeak.co, the relevant information comes from from two independent sources, but no more detailed information is available. To all appearances it is about anonymous informantswho are familiar with the subject. According to their statements, Sony decided at the beginning of this year to a reboot for Uncharted to tackle. A first game as part of this new beginning is already in development, but is created by an unknown studio and therefore not at Naughty Dog. However, the latter are involved as consultants and supporters in the project, which is probably still going on at a very early stage located.

How credible is the rumor?

So far have neither Sony nor Naughty Dog commented on the alleged Uncharted reboot. However, some of the statements from the anonymous sources match reports from the recent past.

At that time it was said that allegedly another game of a well-known brand to be created at a new Sony studio in San Diego. So it definitely could something true be involved in the whole thing.

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