Update on Crimson Desert: No fixed release time window yet

Update on Crimson Desert: No fixed release time window yet

Update from December 08, 2022: We were officially informed today that some details from the financial report have been mistranslated. So here is the clarification: There is no official announcement yet that Crimson Desert will be released in the second half of 2023. Those responsible only expect that the internal development work can be completed by then. After that, however, quality assurance, localization work and similar things are still on the agenda.

There was also an official statement on DokeV from Kwangho Kyung, Communications Director at Pearl Abyss: “DokeV’s core developers, including Lead Producer Sangyoung Kim and Lead Game Designer Changkee Nam, are still working on the same project. Also, the release window of DokeV has not yet been determined and will be communicated at a later date.”

Original report from December 07, 2022: Anyone who has played Black Desert knows that the developers of Pearl Abyss can create extremely fascinating, visually impressive game worlds. We also got to see (parts of) a visually impressive game world in the previous trailers of Crimson Desert. At first, the role-playing project was called an MMORPG, but the team moved away from that two years ago. We’re expecting a “Open World Action Adventure”with – if the trailers have anything to do with it – great graphics, an immersive world at first glance, a spectacularly staged combat system and optional multiplayer content.

Crimson Desert: Trailer convinces with beautiful scenes

Two years ago it was still said that Crimson Desert should appear at the end of 2021, on consoles and on PC. Last year, however, those responsible at Pearl Abyss wrote an open letter to the community to explain that the release of the role-playing game will be postponed indefinitely. Since? radio silence. We feared the worst…


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