Vampire game on Steam convinces with 98% positive reviews – Now the roguelite gets a DLC

Vampire game on Steam convinces with 98% positive reviews - Now the roguelite gets a DLC

The indie game “Vampire Survivors” on Steam is very successful with 98% positive ratings on the gaming platform. On December 15, 2022 it is scheduled to get its first DLC titled “Legacy of the Moonspell”.

What is Vampire Survivors game? The makers describe it as a “gothic horror casual game” (via Steam). It’s a survival game where you fight tons of monsters. Your goal: survive as long as possible.

It is a roguelite game. Here you can read what the term means and why the game genre is called that.

Check out the Vampire Survivor launch trailer below:

Vampire Survivors Launch Trailer

Fight hordes of monsters in pixel graphics

What is the gameplay like in Vampire Survivors? The game has a retro look and is primarily about looting and leveling. You are thrown into an expansive game environment and slaughter whole hordes of monsters with your character. You have to hold out for 30 minutes to win a round.

Character controls are simple: you control your character’s movements; Attacks are carried out automatically. If you kill enemies, they drop XP crystals, which you can use to level up and unlock more weapons and talents.

With each playthrough you collect gold to get upgrades that can be useful for the next playthrough.

How is Vampire Survivors rated by players? The game performs extremely well on the platform. Of the total of 158,411 reviews, a whopping 98% are good ratings (as of December 08, 2022, via Steam).

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Here you can read how the game became so successful on Steam.

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This is what you get with Legacy of the Moonspell

What will the upcoming DLC ​​contain? The announced DLC is the first additional content that Vampire Survivors is getting. It provides you with the following new elements:

  • 1 new stage (the biggest in the game so far)
  • 8 new survivors
  • 13 new weapons
  • new monsters
  • 6 new tracks

When is the DLC coming? Legacy of the Moonspell will be released on December 15, 2022. Here you can find them Steam page for the DLC.

How much does the game and DLC cost on Steam? Vampire Survivors is currently on sale on the gaming platform. You can save 20% of the purchase price until December 12, 2022 and currently pay €3.99 instead of €4.99 (as of December 8, 2022).

So far, you can only add “Legacy of the Moonspell” to your wish list. A price has not yet been announced on Steam.

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