Win twice each of Need for Speed ​​Unbound (PS5), It Takes Two (Switch) and Battlefield 2042 (Xbox) including a jacket!

Win twice each of Need for Speed ​​Unbound (PS5), It Takes Two (Switch) and Battlefield 2042 (Xbox) including a jacket!

We would have made it a third, then the stressful Christmas season is almost over. Today, in partnership with Electronic Arts, we’re giving away six games across all three major platforms – one per winner, of course. And there’s something good about it.

It starts with one of my favorite games this year: the newly released one Need for Speed ​​Unbound from Criterion Games, which we twice for PlayStation 5 raffle and which I think is a strong new beginning of the series. The arcade racer is surprisingly crisp and unforgiving in career, but still packs a punch.

Despite the open world, he doesn’t overwhelm him with activities, and Need for Speed ​​Unbound looks dazzlingly good. A nice surprise – and with a bit of luck, it will surprise you too when you win.

Fun that isn’t too bad to put you in your place: NFS Unbound!

It continues with a game that caused a lot of internal discussion in the editorial team, because Judith and Melanie LOVED it It Takes Two, when it came out – and probably still do. The visually captivating title with hearty content was worth an Outstanding to Melanie.

From the co-op specialists at Hazelight: It Takes Two.

It’s about the crisis-ridden couple May and Cody, who unexpectedly find themselves in the bodies of two of their daughter’s dolls, and who have to pull themselves together again in such a shriveled form, if the divorce is not to be threatened. A visually creative and storytelling co-op adventure that we’re releasing twice for the Switch, thanks to EA for your enjoyment too.

Just keeps getting better: Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 didn’t get off to the best possible start, but after a few updates the shooter got back on its feet and is marching briskly into a promising future. The revision and compression of the maps in particular worked wonders and the class system will also be revised soon. There’s definitely a lot happening in Battlefield right now, and how the game is taking off is one of the more positive developments this year. That’s why twice Battlefield 2042 for Xbox in our competition.

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And because it’s winter right now, EA is still laying two Battlefield 2042 jackets to. Okay, I can’t comment on how warm or cold they are. All I know is that those bomber blousons don’t look bad at all. And in an emergency, the next spring will definitely come.

The closing date for entries is December 26, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Electronic Arts 8.12.22

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