WoW Guide: Diurna in the Vault of Incarnations Raid (LFR, Normal, Heroic)

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A room full of dragon eggs and a brood keeper, what do you think will happen in this fight? That’s right, Diurna will call countless helpers to her side, which you somehow have to dedicate yourself to keep track of and at the same time still the boss in the Vault of WoW Incarnations: Dragonflight to heat up. Proto-Drakes, Draconids, Tarasek, Mages, there’s nothing that doesn’t exist in this fight. The chaos is pre-programmed and is reminiscent of the first boss from Blackwing Lair. The same applies here: If you don’t have the adds under control, you’ve pretty much lost.

General information about the Vault of Incarnations

You can find the raid in the east of Thaldraszus (73/56)

Normal mode: December 14, 2022

Heroic Mode: December 14, 2022

Mythic mode: December 14, 2022

LFR mode

1st wing: from December 21, 2022

2nd wing: from January 4, 2023

3rd wing: from January 18, 2023

Minimum item level for LFR: 359We will include video guides from Hazelnuttygames for you (as soon as they are available) if you prefer to see moving images 😀 Below you will find a German text version. The raid guides are currently still based on the WoW beta (buy now ): Dragonflight – Details may have changed from developer side. If there have been major adjustments, we will make adjustments to the guides. On our overview page for the WoW guides to the Vault of Incarnations you will find the guides to all known bosses.

Diurna: egg slaughter

Broadly speaking, the fight is divided into two phases. In the first phase, you and Diurna rush through the large room full of dragon eggs and try to destroy the eggs, using Diurna to destroy their contents FAST HATCHING hatch within 15 seconds. Such tagged eggs get a little timer above their “head” so you know where adds are about to hatch… or where you got the ray from GREATSTAFF OF THE BROODGUARD want to steer.

As Diurna attempts to incubate nearby clutches, you hope to use the greatstaff’s beam to hit the eggs that have been marked for hatching. When Diurna deploys her staff, it not only deals damage to nearby heroes. Nearby characters can use the Focus Great Staff ability and are followed by a beam. This beam destroys an egg in its path, but isn’t particularly fast. This way, harmless proto-drake pups hatch instead of vicious hatchlings that buff other adds. Incidentally, you yourself pull the boss to the eggs, so you can decide for yourself how you want to walk through the combat area. Most of the time, Diurna sets up the staff in melee range, so melees are busy with staff duty.

Next, Diurna has the Aura BINDING OF THE BROODGUARD. She becomes immune to damage at low health and the effect stacks with each intact egg – that’s why you want to destroy as many eggs as possible. You just can’t kill Diurna otherwise. In addition, the bond increases all allies’ damage by 50 percent, reduces damage taken by 25 percent, and heals per second… yes, that too.

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In addition, Diurna has the AoE attack ICY SHILLER with a range of 50 meters, which absorbs healing on the raid members – so almost all characters are hit by it. The same applies to the AoE spell WILD FIRE, where you distance yourself from each other so the flames don’t reignite and spread randomly throughout the raid. In heroic mode, a tantrum is added.

Attention, tanks and healers: Apart from a lot of AoE damage on the raid, you have to DEADLY STONE CLAW note. The Brood Keeper uses the spell on the tank, giving it a DoT and reducing the effectiveness of healing effects (TRAUMA) by 65 percent. All of this can stack. Tanks collude for an aggro switch, healers on the tank with TRAUMA. Important: In Phase 2, the duration of the debuff will be extended!