WoW: I farmed 600,000 gold in 6 hours and didn’t even notice it

WoW Fish Farm Tuskarr

WoW demon Cortyn just farmed 600,000 gold in Dragonflight – and only noticed it much later. Can this still be done?

I like grinding. I particularly like the new reputation system with the fame levels in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. There are many small intermediate steps where you always get small but interesting bonuses. That’s why I’m investing at least 90% of my time in Dragonflight right now in order to bring the various reputation factions closer to the maximum.

But on the night of last Sunday I was surprised by a sudden blessing of gold while grinding. I had earned a whopping 600,000 gold pieces over the course of 6 hours and almost didn’t realize it – and it was through a somewhat hidden “trick” of fishing.

Actually, I just wanted to comfortably farm my reputation with the Tuskarr of Iskaara. From a certain fame level, this can even be done by fishing. Because sometimes you will find different items to upgrade while fishing. These can be used to upgrade goodies like fishing nets or harpoons on the Tuskarr.

After the 1st upgrade, however, it is possible to exchange these upgrade items directly with the Tuskarr for reputation. In other words, if you want, you can earn a reputation with the Tuskarr simply by fishing.

Ice fishing brings blessings of gold – through Rottenfisch

Since I’ve already unlocked “ice fishing” with the Tuskarr at fame level 10 and you can get corresponding upgrade items there, I went to the ice surfaces, punched holes in the ice and fished.

This has the advantage that the holes remain open for up to 10 minutes and provide fish permanently. So these are swarms that last a really long time, no matter how many fish you pull out. All in all, I rode there for almost 5 hours (during which I spent more watching “Wednesday” on Netflix than actually paying attention to WoW).

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There is only one species of fish in the holes, namely the “Frosted Rimefin Tuna”.

The Frozen Hoarfrostfin Tuna are blue quality and have several distinctive features. For one, you never need them in their original state because they are frozen and therefore cannot be used. On the other hand, you can peel off this “layer of ice” and thus reveal the fish underneath, then they can be used for recipes.

The downside to this: the resulting fish only has a shelf life of 60 minutes before it rots. Worse, the fish is then no longer stackable. Unfortunately, I only noticed that after I had already freed 10 fish from the ice and they had now occupied a total of 10 places in my inventory.

Ice fishing is pleasantly simple – and yields solid returns.

Not knowing a recipe for these tuna, I rolled my eyes in frustration at my own impatience and just kept fishing. After all, I was primarily concerned with the upgrade items for Iskaara.

After another hour, the fish that had been freed from the ice were rotting. However, instead of being deleted from inventory – which I’m sure they would – they turned into Tainted Hoarfrostfin Tuna and gained a new “use” effect. You salvage as much material as you can from the spoiled fish.

The first 8 fish only gave me a few “meat maybes” each. However, from the 9th fish I drew a “Soaked Lump of Darkmoon Cards”. You can use it to get 2-3 random Darkmoon cards.

Was I just lucky and this is a super rare drop? I wasn’t sure, but wanted to find out. So I sent the 1,000 or so fish I had caught to date to a bank twink with plenty of pocket space. He diligently set about freeing all the fish from the ice and then waiting for the fish to rot. The inventory then looked like this:

WoW fish farm inventory
The banktwink had a new profession: rotting fish.

After an hour of waiting, I then knew: No, this is not a “super rare” drop. On average, every 10th fish I had was a lump of Dark Moon cards. That meant I had close to 100 such clumps, which in turn made up around 250 cards!

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What are Darkmoon cards?
Darkmoon cards are collectibles in almost every WoW expansion that belong to different sets. If you combine all 8 cards of a set, you can make a piece of jewelery out of them. There are different gems and always one for each role – whether tank, healer, physical or magical DPS character. The trinkets are usually “Bind on Equip”, meaning they can be sold.

Apparently all current Darkmoon cards can be included, because I got all of them without exception, many more than once. I got really lucky and even got the rare ace of all four sets out of the lump.

The complete sets (air, water, earth and fire) can then be combined into a piece of jewelry with item level 372. And I was able to put exactly these pieces of jewelry in the auction house with prices between 100,000 and 250,000 gold pieces – the tank piece of jewelry (earth) in particular was particularly profitable.

All 4 pieces of jewelry were sold within the following day, bringing me 600,000 gold (minus auction house fees).

What is clear is that the value of these trinkets will drop drastically in the coming weeks as better loot becomes more readily available. I’m also aware that the prices for these trinkets can vary on other realms – up and down.

But if you consider that I really just wanted to relax and “grind reputation through fishing” and watch series at the same time, then that was a pretty fat yield that my shadow priestess can draw on for a long time. By the way, the next round of card sets is already in the AH …

WoW fish farm auctions

Experiences like this always make a new World of Warcraft expansion so appealing to me. It’s little things that you find out “on the side” and maybe discover a niche that nobody or very few other players have noticed before.

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By the way, in the current WoW week it is much worse to farm the ice fish, because the “weekly fishing event” is not at the ice lake this time, but in a lava pool.

Did you also have similar pleasant experiences in Dragonflight and were surprised by a blessing of gold? How do you currently get money in the new WoW expansion?

You can also meet some strange types of players in WoW that are only available for the addon launch …