Among Us adds new game mode called Hide n Seek

Among Us adds new game mode called Hide n Seek

The players of among us have a new game mode to try out now thanks to an update that went live this week and introduced “Hide n Seek”, which was featured at The Game Awards. It’s a mode that flips the script on the dynamic between Crewmen and Impostors. Through this new mode, Crewmates have to do everything they can to survive against Impostors while completing tasks to run out the timer before all Crewmates are eliminated.

However, players may notice that there are a couple of different indicators on the screen that represent different states and situations. A blog post associated with this mode went into more detail about them.

In Hide n Seek, unlike the usual experience where players try to figure out who the impostor is, the crewmates have to be the ones hiding from the impostor while trying to complete tasks. A timer ticks, and if you’re alive each time it runs out, you win. Completing tasks makes the timer run down faster, and if an Impostor gets too close to a crewmate, he’ll have a prompt to tell you the same so you can find a hiding place before they leave.

During the final moments of the game, everyone enters a “Final Hideout” state where the Impostor is empowered and can detect where the remaining crewmates are while also gaining a “power boost.” A couple of different options unique to this game mode have also been added, including the ability to show or disable character names, the ability to choose who will be an impostor in private lobbies, and a “Flashlight Mode”.

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the new modeamong usis live in-game now starting December 9.