Choo-Choo Charles top rated on Steam

Choo-Choo Charles top rated on Steam

from Valentin Sattler
A day after the launch, many players have already played through Choo-Choo Charles and given the title a positive rating on Steam. But there is also criticism, which particularly concerns the short total playing time.

The survival horror game was already impressive with the first gameplay trailer Choo Choo Charles for a lot of attention. The novel concept that a player has to travel around an island on a train and complete tasks without being eaten by a spooky train with spider legs seems to have found many a friend. This basic idea is not only reflected in the trailer – at least the Steam ratings of the game released yesterday speak for it.

Choo-Choo Charles is well received

Choo-Choo Charles can currently boast almost 1,600 reviews there, of which an impressive 91 percent are positive. On Steam, that’s enough for an overall rating of “Very Good,” and for Gavin Eisenbeisz, who developed the game single-handedly, that should be a great success in turn.

Many of the players praise the original game concept in particular, and the title apparently runs on most PCs without any major bugs or problems. On the other hand, the playing time is noticeably often chalked up among the negative reviews: According to this, Choo-Choo Charles can be played through completely in around two to four hours, which is chalked up in many of the negative and also some of the positive reviews.

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In this context, the price of the game is also often mentioned, which some players regard as too high at 19.50 euros in this country – after all, the gameplay is just enough for one evening. If you’re interested in Choo-Choo Charles but haven’t bought the title yet, that should be the least of your problems. In future Steam sales, the game, like most other titles, should be offered at a much lower price.

Source: Steam (product page)