Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania – DLC themed Konami classics – News

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania - DLC themed Konami classics - News

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Released in its original version since mid-2018 Dead Cells continues to grow: After additional content such as Rise of the Giants, The Queen and the Sea or The Bad Seedall of which include new locations, enemies or weapons, another DLC awaits you in the first quarter of 2023.

Its designation Return to Castlevania is program, but this time it’s Konami’s classic Castlevania in the centre. Or, in the developers’ words: “One of, if not THE, greatest inspiration for Dead Cells is reimagined in our fast-paced, frenetic gameplay with our most ambitious DLC yet.”

In terms of content, you can expect Dracula’s castle, which has been divided into two new biomes and whose throne room you have to fight your way through if you want to be successful. There are also famous weapons from Castlevania such as the vampire killer whip or the battle cross and holy water, and you will also meet well-known characters – namely Richter Belmont and Alucard – in the corridors of the castle as part of the story.

Also included in Return to Castlevania is an alternate soundtrack that includes 51 of the original Castlevania tunes. There are also twelve of the “most legendary” tracks (including “Vampire Killer”, “Bloody Tears” and “Divine” Bloodlines), which are “reinterpreted” for the new levels [wurden] while maintaining the style of Castlevania, of course.”

Unlike the previous major downloadable content, which costs $4.99, Return to Castlevania is priced at $9.99. Motion Twin cites both the “much larger” scope compared to the other DLCs and the inclusion of the Castlevania brand as reasons for this.

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