FIFA 23: Youtubers fake broadcasts of the World Cup

FIFA 23: Sales figures are 10 percent higher than the predecessor

from Claus Ludewig
Some Youtubers stage a broadcast in FIFA 23 World Cup mode and give the impression that this is the real World Cup in Qatar.

Since November 9th, virtual soccer players from FIFA 23 can look forward to the free add-on for the World Cup in Qatar. Only owners of the Nintendo Switch get nothing, since the update is only available for PC, Playstation and Xbox. Some YouTubers are now using the World Cup to fool their viewers. Anyone who googles the terms “World Cup Stream” does not necessarily come across real TV live streams. This is how broadcasts of football matches are staged, where people believe it is a real game. As the Vietnamese news site VNExpress reports, readers already have mistook the streams for a real TV broadcast.

214,000 views for a fake live stream of a World Cup round of 16

Low quality video recordings are deliberately made to give the impression that you are watching an illegal FIFA World Cup 2022 stream. For example, a stream on the “Minute90Kplus” channel on Tuesday reached more than 214,000 views. The round of 16 between Morocco and Spain in the game eFootball 2021 was simulated. To give the impression of a TV broadcast, all UI elements of the game were hidden except for the scoreboard. However, the phenomenon does not only appear on numerous channels in Vietnam, the YouTube channel Football Live from England also shows simulated games and not real TV broadcasts.

At the World Cup, owners of FIFA 23

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Collection of fake live streams for the soccer World Cup:

  • Some viewers searched for live streams of the soccer World Cup on the Internet on YouTube and supposedly found them. In truth, a number of Youtubers used the World Cup mode in FIFA 23 to create fake streams.
  • There were over 214,000 views of the live stream between Morocco and Spain on the Minute90Kplus channel.
  • In order to give the impression of a TV broadcast, all UI elements of the game have been hidden except for the scoreboard.
  • Since 09.11. there is the free add-on for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in FIFA 23.

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