Forsoken introduces new and extensive gameplay

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Square Enix has revealed a number of new details about its upcoming action RPG game. Forspoken on the official blog of PlayStation. The post, meant to act as a companion to a trailer released at The Game Awards, mainly talks about the gameplay of the upcoming title.

Talking about one of the main enemies that the protagonist Frey will fight during her time in Athia, the Breakbeasts, the developer explains that the player can make use of Frey’s magical parkour and combat skills for the test. Players can use combos of different types of magic, as well as chain together parkour moves to help take down these beasts.

The post also talks about part of the story behind Forspoken, it is about the reasons why Frey seeks revenge against the matriarch of Athia, Tanta Sila. The game’s main antagonist, however, is Tanta Olas, who wages psychological warfare against Frey by creating an illusion that resembles Frey’s hometown of New York City.

Forspoken It will arrive for PC and PS5 on January 24. You can watch the trailer below.

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