Hades 2: successor to the surprise hit presented

Hades 2: successor to the surprise hit presented

from Alexander Pensler
Supergiant Games surprisingly presented Hades 2, the sequel to the surprise hit of 2020, at The Game Awards on the night of December 8th and 9th. The action-adventure with Roquelite elements will initially appear in Early Access, like its predecessor. More information about the game will follow next year.

Hades from the indie development studio Supergiant Games was the surprise hit par excellence in 2020. The action role-playing game with rogue-like mechanics raked in numerous awards, including “Best Indie” and “Best Action”. Since the American development team is not actually known for sequels, the announcement of Hades 2 at this year’s Game Awards came as a surprise. Developer Supergiant Games announced the sequel to the first part with a trailer that included a comic cinematic and gameplay (see Youtube video):

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Everything new and everything the same

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the sequel’s art style and gameplay are strongly based on the first part. The new protagonist Melinoë, her character immortal princess of the underworld and sister of the main character Zagreus from part one, has some new attacks on the box. In Hades 2, she sets out to fight Chronos, the titan of time. The game again promises to feature a number of exaggerated, fully voiced characters. According to the game’s title, one of them will – who could guess – be Hades himself. What is striking is that the style seems to take a darker tone than the previous 2020 game.

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Release initially in Early Access

The developers write that the feedback from early access players was crucial for the first Hades. The sequel is currently not sufficiently advanced in development, but Hades 2, like its predecessor, should initially appear in Early Access at the appropriate time. The action role-playing game will be published on Steamin the Epic Games Store as well as for consoles. More information about the game is in the Official Hades 2 FAQ to find.

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